Need new cosmetic bag fast!!!!


Nov 2, 2005
The make-up kit I used to carry in my bag got ruined due to a lip liner pencil losing it's top and the mess was such that I had to toss it - I need a new one that holds quite a bit but doesn't take up too much room - I need to use it for a variety of bags - I don't want anything thick - does anyone have one they especially like? - Thx for any ideas. I carry: lipstick, gloss, liner, face blotters, emery board, pill box, tiny perfume vial, reusable toothpick (I think that's about it).
Not sure what to suggest here, I have a Coach leather one but had it a long time. There seem to be a ton of promotions at the cosmetic counters in the major department stores, you may find a nice one as a gift there if you need to refresh any cosmetics.

Maybe check e-luxury and do a search for cosmetic bags, bet they'd have some great options.

Good luck ! Let us know what you find.
I agree with Pursegalsf. I've had a nylon Prada makeup bag for about 4 years... and I carry it EVERYWHERE. I probably take it out, unzip it, and toss it back into my purse 6 times a day and it still looks brand new except for the metal zip clasp where the paint has scratched off.
BalenciagaLove said:
Ditto with Pursegal! Prada nylon makeup bags are the best! Plus when you get stuff on the inside, you can throw it into the washing machine (I prefer the top rack of the dishwasher!)

Ditto here as well~ I have a dark purple nylon m/up bag from Prada and it looks new even after much abuse and can't tell that anything's even on it. Easy maintenance and simple and clean cut looking at the same time.
I use those free cosmetic pouches certain cosmetic counters give away when you buy their products during promotions. I have a large collection of free cosmetic bags that whenever one gets dirty, I'll throw it out and use a new one. So far, I find Shiseido cosmetic bag as the most durable out there. :lol: