Need New Bag .. Suggestions Please!

  1. Ok, as always, before I go out and buy a new bag for the new school term, I'm gonna ask my lovely fellow TPFers for their suggestions...

    What bag will suit a guy thats currently in high school? I need your help deciding please!

    I have the Abbesses, the Montsouris Medium, the Bosphore Backpack, the PM and GM Bosphore, Looping, Sac Bosphore, and Reporter PM.. So I need something new.

    I was thinking something thats NOT monogram canvas, but any suggestion would be great! If Im going to go with mono canvas, I was thinking maybe Congo PM? But Im not sure if its a great bag..

    I went to Vuitton.Com but they didnt have anything good in the Damier line for Men...

    So what do you think?
  2. I suggest the following: Olav MM or Melville Messenger [both Damier Canvas].
  3. I wld suggest the Naviglio.
  4. Oops, I forgot to write.. I already have the Naviglio lol.. Thanks anyway :smile:

    Also, I dont want "business" looking bags... I want a stylish one lol
  5. i do like john's suggestion of the olav

    out of the choices you gave i'd go with the abbesses.
  6. no those are not choices. those are what i own already :smile:

    Is the Olav too big?