need nail advice

  1. I have recently started biting my nails again:crybaby: after having long natural nails for 15+ years and the situation that has got me so stressed that I destroyed my nails is also one in which I cannot afford to let people see how worried I am.

    I am going to get fake nails put on today so no one will know that I have been biting them, which type will do the least damage to the nails growing out underneath?

  2. I don't have artifical tips but I do go & get an acrylic overlay done over my natural nails. It keeps them strong & my polish stays on a good 2 weeks. I keep my nails short, just a bit past the tips of my fingers.
  3. Nothing is the best, they all damage the nails. But the least invasive for lack of better word is MagicGel which eliminate the need for tips or wraps and glue and powder on the nail. A coat of the magic gel is apllied to your natural nail and dried under a UV light and your nails become hard as if you have wraps. Long nails aren't really "in" now - whatever that means!! Go for a shorter natural length.
  4. Thanks!