Need My Coach Girls' advice! (Super long, like my list of issues)

  1. Okay ladies, once again I need your help.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me get over my purse hoarding issues and decide what to do.

    Scenario: There is a rare bag that I want, it's the geranium legacy satchel. Unfortunately I don't have any money right now because I just bought a Fendi Spy bag *FINALLY!* and am waiting for it to arrive, should be this week. *insert embarassingly bad happy dance here* Because of aforementioned purchase, I have been put on a self-imposed ban.

    Possible Loophole: If I don't spend "new" money on it, I'm not technically breaking my ban, am I?

    I have a large signature Carly in khaki/saddle that I haven't worn yet. I also have the same bag in the black on black signature, that I've worn tons of times. I love the khaki/saddle bag, but so far haven't used it because I'm on the fence about how it looks, and if it's too much signature. If I need to, I could return that bag for a refund to get some money to put towards the geranium.

    I also still have the Soho leather large satchel that came out with the second to last round of Coach bags, in the white/brown color combo. I saw the bag in the catalogue, fell in love with it, but so far haven't used it because I'm afraid to dirty the white leather. There's been a little color transfer also, from the brown handles onto the bag from storage. Coach said I could return it for a refund if I want to, because it shouldn't do that. Problem is, they don't sell that color combo anymore and I think it is so chic, and the transfer is in a very small area.

    I also have the Ergo vintage leather large tote that I just bought earlier this month. I love the bag, but haven't used it yet and am not quite sure how I like the way it looks on me. (I can't take a picture to show you because I lost my charger cable.) So there is a possibility of returning that too.

    Help! I'm a neurotic, Coach-obsessed, collector of bags who buys them then doesn't use them and just takes them out to look at them before putting them away again. For some reason I don't want to let go of the bags that aren't available through Coach anymore.

    What should I do? I'm not in complete lust with the geranium, I just think the color is fantastic and the fact that it's not a generally available bag plays a part too, I'll be honest. (That whole "wanting what I can't have" issue.)

    I know what I really need is a psychiatrist, but hopefully you ladies will be able to help me anyway? *L*

    This message will self-destruct in ten seconds. (Or maybe the poster will...either way, destruction is imminent.)
  2. IMHO, it doesn't sound like you love any of the 3 of these bags enough to keep them. Even if you don't get the satchel, you could return them for credit towards something you do love.

    I would especially return the bag with color transfer. As you said, it shouldn't do that and it would really bother me to think it might continue
  3. Don't feel bad. There is a lot of that going around.
    I am on a mission to start using all of my bags. If you are not using them and they are still new unused with tags, I would return them. See how you like your Fendi spy and enjoy that one before looking to the next purchase. The geranium is a gorgeous bag, but ask yourself if you love that satchel and would you use it.
    I recently sold a few bags on eBay because I couldn't justify going to PCE with 2 never used bags in my closet. They were good deals but a deal is only good if you use the bag!
    Its easy to obsess, especially seeing all the new goodies on the pf. Try to taylor a bag plan for you that fits your needs. (geez, I don't mean to sound like some kind of bag therapist)
  4. I think that a psychologist who focuses on bag obsession could make a nice living from our group!:graucho:

    If you haven't used your Ergo and your Khaki Carly, I'd return those both and think about the satchel. One post said that they had called and found out there were 16 left.

    If nothing else, you could always return it, too...

    I had the same problem for awhile and it has resulted in my not buying anything for now. I would buy a bag, never take it out of the duster b/c I wasn't completely sure and then return it for something else.

    Repeat cycle.

    I just wore myself out on that treadmill and now live vicariously through the wonderful antics of tpf ladies!:woohoo:
  5. I agree wholeheartedly and couldn't have said it better! :woohoo:
  6. I am going through the same thing. I wanted a new bag so I am selling off the other ones that I haven't used or that are not functional for my lifestyle (mommy). I even sold one that I bought at the last PCE last month.

    So return what you need to and get what you love!!
  7. I would return the ones you don't use and take a day to think about if you really want the geranium bag or if you just want it because it's hard to find.

    If you really love it and will use it then I would buy it. It is a beautiful bag.
  8. wait a minute... u said u liked the geranium bag because of the color... well there are other bags in that color that i saw at the outlet.. they had a duffle type bag.. i think it was geranium,, unless coach made other pinkish redds
  9. and that geranium satchel is gorgeous! if i had the money i would get it too... wonder how much retail was
  10. Thanks for the advice ladies, I appreciate it. :smile: The poor SA's at my local Coach store must hate me. *L* The last two times I came in, I had returns. Of course, they didn't lose any money since I turned around and bought something else right then and there.

    I did it. I took a deep breath and returned the Carly, and the Soho satchel. I still love the Soho, and miss it a bit, but I called JAX and they have 300 of them still in that color so if I can scrounge up the money to buy it back, then I will.

    Just from returning those two bags I had quite a store credit. So I ordered the geranium satchel and should have it in about a week or so! :smile: I'm in a bag color rut so this will be breaking me out of it. I can't wait. Plus, I still have $170 store credit left, so I'll be putting that toward something else I love I think. :smile:

    I ended up keeping the vintage Ergo. When I called JAX to check the availability of the others, they said they didn't have a restocking date for that one, so couldn't tell me if any more would be made after this one sold out. I'd be heartbroken if I missed out on it. So kept that one.

    They did confirm for me that the geranium will not be redone. I guess it said that on her computer when I asked her about it.

    Love you girls, thanks as always for the great advice! You were absolutely right about the geranium. I figured I need to act now on that one, the others weren't as timely an issue.
  11. i agree with everyone else it sounds like you dont love the ones you have and maybe you dont love the geranium either,,, i mean if you would use it or want to collect it then def get it but if it would also just sit around,,,rethink it

    and the other 2,,,i mean for me i use every bag i buy if i dont love it or use it , its not meant to be :smile:
  12. katrynar: Yeah, the color was mainly what struck me at first, but add to that the fact that it's Legacy, and I covet all things Legacy. *L* So I was pretty much done at that point.

    I ended up spending $760 or something like that, on it after shipping and tax. If you order it now, while it's still available through JAX, it's the regular retail price of $698. :smile:
  13. wow.... i WISH i had that much money to blow.. matter of fact i would give away all my bags to have that thing its gorgeous *salivates*
  14. I didn't have that money to blow either. *L* That's why I had to return two of my older bags to get it. :sad: But that's alright, in the end I'm happy with the trade off. :yes:

    I am officially on ban until further notice because of the Spy bag. I figured trading in old bags for the new one wasn't breaking my ban since I wasn't spending "new" money on it. *L* (Maybe my reasoning isn't exactly sound, but I don't care, it works for me. *L*)
  15. Hopefully you'll love the satchel when you get pics when you do!!