Need My Coach Girlies Help

  1. Ok so I have a problem which I hope you girls can help me with....
    My boyfriend wants to make me address labels....and I need some Coach related square that is black and white.....So could you girlies please post things that I could use for my labels...I would appreciate it so much!!!
    Thanks so much in advance!!!:yahoo::tup:
  2. No one can help me??? I would really appreciate if someone had an idea or something...Thanks
  3. are you wanting the Coach logo?
  4. yeah I never replied because I didnt' really get what you were wanting. :confused1:
  5. I don't think I really understand what you're asking for? What do you mean by "labels"? :smile: I would love to help! I'm a graphic designer!
  6. It isn't black and white, but how about the Legacy stripe in haute_for_coach's avatar?
  7. I don't understand either.