Need multicolor advice please...

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  1. After much debate I've decided that I will buy a black mc speedy when I go to Vegas this Sunday!

    My only problem is that I'm nervous about asking to see all of the black mc speedys available:sad: I don't know how to go about asking and not having the SA think I'm completely nuts and a pain in the butt. I feel only certain color combos look good.

    Any advice would be great!
  2. Let her know that this is your first black MC piece and I'm sure she will understand.
  3. What's the big deal? They also know that depending on how it's made ~ all the prints are different, right? You might not want a big LV in chartreuse smack dab in the middle of your bag (I love it myself). They are probably used to it. It's not like it's monogram or damier. Have fun! Don't let anyone rush you.... if they are too busy perhaps you can find another time during the weekend to return.
  4. Thanks to both of you!!
  5. Just be be honest and explain how important the perfect color combo is to you. If they do not understand and are not nice about it there are other LV's in vegas. Go to another store.
  6. ^Good point! There are 5 LVs out there. Thank you!

    How many black speedies do you think a Vegas LV keeps in stock at a time?
  7. I called and ask! They have 8,374,073! OK im jk =] hahaha.

    They probably do have alot of them though. From past experience, I think the Forum Shop's LV, and the main store at Fashion Show, have the nicest SA's.

    The people at the Wynn, just weren't helping anyone!
  8. ^lol! Thank you so much for the advice! I'll post pics when I get back!
  9. def get that nice bag xD and def post picks lol
  10. I usually tell the SA what color combo I prefer and he will fulfill my request. He even had an MC wallet transferred from another store because it had all the pinks I was looking for. Don't feel nervous.:nogood: Who cares if the SA thinks you're a pain in the butt. You're the one that's gonna be dishing out over $2,000.00 and for that price, you should certainly get the MC Speedy that's right for you.
  11. ^Good point! Even if he or she does think I'm nuts or a pain in the butt...I won't have to see that person ever again once I get the bag I want. It's my $2,000+

    I think I just need to relax lol! I'll have plenty to choose from. I really like the white LV symbols at the top left and right on the front of the bag. I suppose I have a 1 in 9 shot. Nothing extremely picky.
  12. The SA's in the Caesar's Forum and Neiman's in the mall are definitely a lot friendlier ... and just explain to them the color combo's you want, I'm sure you're not the first one that's done it! I know I have and they understand.
  13. If I were planning on doing that, I'd go when I know they're not going to be busy, like first thing in the morning. I would make a point of mentioning that I've come early so they can give me the time I need to make a choice I'll be happy with. Hope you find a bag you totally LoVe!