Need More Photos of Men Carrying Bbags

  1. I've seen a few men on this forum -- all fabulous -- sporting Courier and various Messengers and the men's version of the Weekender style. But does Balenciaga make a briefcase type thing for men that has a messenger-style sling? Even if it's not specifically the motorcycle style? Something like the Day or Besace (a bit smaller than the Courier) but shaped more like something wider that could hold a laptop or a portfolio? If so, any photos? Thanks (and love to all the B-men)!
  2. the mens day can actually fit a laptop, i dont have my bag on me, but when i do ill be sure to take a picture. i have a 15in screen, and it makes the bag look much flatter and wider when its packed in there, but i still like the look.

    i really wished balenciaga made an actual briefcase of us men though. that would solve alot of my problems
  3. I LOVE the day (and have one in sapin green), but yeah, I was thinking something along the lines of a briefcase. I can't imagine why they wouldn't do one in that crazy beautiful arena leather that was softly structured like the messenger style briefcases you see professionals carry!
  4. Hello,
    My Boyfriend has just bought a black mens day.
    And i bought a greige work on our holliday in Tenerife, what a lovely cheap island.
    I will put the pics here ok.

    Photo-0092.jpg Photo-0099.jpg
  5. Thanks for the pics! They are lovely! I wish they made a version like Day or Besace that was wide, like the satchel style you see. This is the other one I've been looking at. Gorgeous, but it's just not Balenciaga :sad:
  6. i love your greige work! gorgeous !!
  7. gorgeous
  8. ooops... pressed the sent button by accident...
    more men should carry b-bags... you two look awesome =)
  9. Thanx YAYA and KAKA

    I really love these bags and i love this blog so we can al share our
    pics en coversations.

  10. pics of men carrying bbags? men with style + balenciaga = yum!

    please, gentlemen, indulge us! :winkiss:
  11. i suppose some men carry the besace or mens day or the new flap messenger...

    is the besace directed more towards women?

    does anyone have any pics of the mens day?

    im really considering getting one.
  12. Guys with BBags rock IMO!:yahoo: