Need more opinions about dresses

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  1. I got some good honest opinions on a dress from you guys a week or two ago, so I figured I'd ask again. Do you like either of these dresses for a cocktail party-type event?

    The first one is Nicole Miller and it is longer on me than in the picture- hits right above my knees. (I have dark hair and will be tan for the event, so I think I could pull of this color)

    The second one is Carmen Marc Valvo and I actually found in black, not the color in the pic.

    Are either of these keepers? Oh, BTW, I'm 5'8" and about 120lbs. so I'm looking for something that will create the illusion of some curves. Opinions please....:flowers:
    NMdress.jpg CMVdress.jpg
  2. I personally prefer the second dress. I think the length and cut make it look a lot more sophisticated and I think the cut of the second dress creates the illusion of more curves. I think it would look fabulous!:yes:
  3. Sorry, I don't like it... I find that the orange one is a little too "cotton-ultra-stretched-out" and a little too KA-BOOM ORANGEEEEEE!!!
    The second one is too much like a night gown.. it would be much better if it wasn't satin or something so shiny..

    Hope this helps!!
  4. Not a fan of the orange, but that rusching will create an illusion of curves....

    Maybe you should get a flared 50s style "prom" dress and wear it with a thick belt at the waist. That will create curves. Just make sure it doesn't look too "prom." You may want to get a short, above the knee version.

    Or get a very fitted sheath or one with exaggerated hips (which you can wear with or without a belt)....
  5. Sorry I dont like either - they look a bit cheap - I think a shift dress or empire waist would look better:smile:
  6. Sorry Kate, I am not a fan of those dresses, the color and style of the first one are too much, I like bright colors but in simple less sexy dresses or tops, but having a revealing dress in a bright color I think is a little too much.
    For the second dress, the fabric is too shiny, I could not get away even if I had it in black, that will make look huge in a second, but this is just my opinion, what do you like it is what it counts, as long you feel beautiful and comfy wearing them, that is only thing it matters.
  7. I dont really like either of these dresses, but i prefer the second one over the first.
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  9. Orange is very in now for spring so I side with the orange, but I think there's too much going on with both dresses. I might suggest a pencil skirt or something with a pencil skirt bottom. Playing with color on the top can also help add curves.
  10. Thank you all. I can always count on you guys to be honest. I guess my search continues...
  11. I'm not a fan of either but the blue one is the best of the two IMO.
  12. i'm sorry too...not liking either one...i'm sure you'll find the perfect dress!
  13. What kind of cocktail event it is? I think colors are very important. You want to stand out but not look like you're trying too hard. KWIM? Maybe a low back dress? I think it's cool when girls can pull that off because big busted girls usually can't.
  14. It's actually for formal night on a Caribbean cruise. People's attire varies A LOT on formal nights - everything from floral sundresses to full-on ball gowns - so I usually like to go middle-of-the-road and wear a short cocktail dress. So, of course I want to look classy, but I'd also like something fun and kind of tropical, which is why I was thinking of the orange dress.

    I had a low back dress before and was very uncomfortable all night. I've also had a low v-neck (in the front) dress which required a lot of double sided fashion tape - I spent more time worrying if I was flashing anyone then actually enjoying myself:push: So, this time I really want something I don't have to worry about - something that says put and is relatively comfortable, but is also flattering to my rather boyish body type.

    I'd welcome any suggestions...
  15. i thought both dresses were lovely but the orange one, depends on if u can carry the colour off like Zhang Zi Yi