Need more information of Evening Star Flap

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm planning to purchase a patent chanel handbag called the “Evening Star” from S/S '08 ACT II. It's a patent leather flap with glittery sheen underneath the gloss coat. I think it's just my new dream bag.

    I understand that the "Evening Star" has several colours and sizes, but I've only seen pictures of this bag in black & white jumbo size. I'm just wondering what other sizes and colours are available. :confused1:

    Can anyone kindly provide more information of the bag, e.g. prices, product codes, sizes and colours? :smile:
  2. I'm getting mine this week. I believe mine is in a medium size (def. not jumbo) with gold hardware. Mine is black. There is for sure white, and I've heard red as well. and apparently a faux python one in Fuschia...but I could be wrong about that. Mine was around $2500. somewhere around there.
  3. Faux python in Fuschia??? :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. Kara_n,

    Wow!! Congratulation! What a great purchase:tup::love:. I prefer black colour too.

    Actually I'm not familiar with the sizes of chanel flap:confused1:. Is medium size similar to the size of 225 reissue? I wish to have that size or the size like East/West Flap:drool:. Do you think they have these sizes?

    A SA in HK has kept a black "evening star" for me. The size is 12 x 20 x 7.5cm. Is it a mini size? There are also blue, red and white colour. It seems they have ordered one size only. So if I want other size, I need to have shipping order. I still can't make up mind.

    Would you kindly post the measurement and the reference number of your bag after receiving it?:flowers: Thanks!
  5. i'm visiting family in FL & just saw the black jumbo & white medium @ Saks yesterday...
    its very glitzy in black patent...not sure if its an everyday bag?????
    sorry, dont know measurements...
  6. the medium flap is 2425
  7. Has anyone ever heard of the "Evening Star" in gold patent??
  8. Oh, I so want the Medium flap! However I've never had a patent bag and I'm a little afraid of them...are they worth the money? Do they hold up well or last long?
  9. Great bag. The black and gold jumbo is my favorite.
  10. What a SA told me: You can wipe it down easily, but if the bag gets color transfer from jeans, it is there forever :nuts: & cannot be removed. He said the biggest problem would be with jeans that had not been pre-washed.
  11. BB206 - I saw the white in the size you quoted yesterday in Manchester Chanel in white. It is TINY and much smaller than a 255. Pretty flat too. The glitter is hardly there at all on the white - I had to pick it up and look really closely to tell whether it was the evening star or not. It's not at all obvious - unlike the black. The white I saw had brushed gold hardware.

    For the reason below (i.e. colour transfer) I would not dare to get a white patent. I have white lamb and cream jersey, but these can be cleaned. White patent can't....

    But if you love it i say go for it. However the size you mention would realistically be an evening bag only, unless you don't plan on carrying much at all. ;)
  12. Poshhoney - You are right about the size of the bag. It's too small for daily use.

    I visited the shop today and found that it's the only size available in HK.

    As a reference for anyone interested, the price is around HK$15,000. You can only put lipstick, powder compact, mobile phone(must be tiny) and card holder in it. 4 colours available - black, white, red and blue. All patent leather classic super-mini flap with gold hardware. Only the black and white colour patent have glittery sheen underneath the gloss coat. Although the red and blue ones don't have any glittery sheen, they are very eye-catching too. The blue one is just the same colour as the blue patent double compartments reissue.