Need more info. please ...

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  1. Hey guys,

    I was wondering if any of you could give me more info (name of the bag, item/serial number ... etc) regarding this bag that DJO posted few days ago (thanks, hun!).


    The reason being is that, I want to pre-order the bag but my poor SA (bless her heart :Push:smile: didn't have a clue as to what bag I was referring to. Unfortunately, when they had their TRUNK show last week this bag didn't make an appearance according to the booklet that she showed me :sad:. So, anyone knows any helpful info?

    I also looked at their '07 CHANEL book, and I didn't see the bag there either. Please help ...

    Thanks all and hope everyone are having a blast this MEMORIAL DAY weekend!
  2. The only thing I recall Damian saying was that it was part of the Lady Braid line.
  3. It's GORGEOUS! Why not pre-order with Damian instead;)
  4. I know ... wait, who's Damian?
  5. Damian is an SA (store assistant). For more info, you should probably PM Monica (smoothoprtr).
  6. Great! Thanks for the info.
  7. Damian (DJO) is an SA at Saks Fifth Bala Cynwyd. His #: (610) 667-1550 ext 258. Super nice guy.:tup:
  8. damian is the absolute BEST! adore him!
  9. You're awesome :tender:! Thanks again! - I'm definitely going to give him a call tomorrow.