Need more info on Signature Stripe Reversible Travel Tote! PLZ HELP!!

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  1. Okay.......I picked a bag out for school, the Signature Strip Reversible Travel Tote.......

    Its GIGANTIC on me, but I need a big bag, go figure ;)

    I have som questions for you guys

    1. Does anybody have this bag
    2. If you do, can you post pics of how much it can hold?
    3. Do you think it will be big enough??
    4. Any bad things about this bag??

    Thanks! :yahoo: :smile:
  2. anybody?
  3. i don't have it. i use a large carly for school.
  4. I have the large size (not the travel) and it will hold stuff for school. I was using my regular sized one today and was able to schlep around all the stuff I normally carry, plus contacts case, two glasses cases and a pashmina wrap.
  5. just a tidbit: think of the straps, they are very THIN and you may want something thicker because with the more weight you put into the bag the more you run the risk of them breaking or hurting your shoulder.

    i, like kallison, use a carly for school.
  6. I have the Large but not the travel and it hold A Im SURE this bag will be plenty big for all of your school things. The one thing you may need to be cautious about is the thin straps. With those heavy text books that may be an issue. You may want to switch to one of the diaper bags:confused1: They still look like purses...its not like they have cartoon characters on them lol. Anywho...let us know how everything works out!
  7. i used this bag for spring semester and it held up perfectly...the straps are still in tact i'll post pics in a sec... i don't have my school books anymore cuz i sold them back lol but i'll use my notebooks
  8. [​IMG]


    the second pic is one of the larger textbooks i carried along with all the notebooks etc... I carried it mon-fri from january-may with no trouble at all:smile:
  9. that bag is huge! i have the large and it s still huge! i can fit a ton even my laptop in the large!
  10. if you carry large books or a laptop, the straps will dig into your shoulder due to the weight. If you just plan to carry paper back books and notebooks, you should be fine.
  11. I was also looking into this bag when I was shopping for a school bag, but i went with the soho penelope instead. I wanted to be able to zip it closed all the way (it rains alot where i live and I keep my laptop in my bag). Also, the straps were quite skinny on the tote, so i wanted something thicker, and the Penelope straps are perfect.
    Penelope.JPG penelope laptop.JPG penelope side.JPG
  12. parus, that bag looks fab on you! i had never considered it a school bag until now.