Need more c/c slots?

  1. here is the answer..
    eug.jpg eugenie inside.jpg
  2. and in mono
    mono eug.jpg mono inside.jpg
  3. WOW that's god-sent!
  4. LOVE IT! so much space it's so pretty.
  5. Isnt that wallet hot!!
  6. do you know how much it is? thanks!
  7. Ahh!!! It's sooo pretty. Too bad I'm on a ban right now. :crybaby:
  8. One can never have too many Visas, apparently.
  9. Wow...I need it!
  10. anybody know what the backside looks like? does it have a coin pocket?
  11. Seen the MC one too it is gorgeous AARRGGGHHH so many new pretty things!!!
  12. I know what you mean!! So many pretty things to look and drool at all day today and the next!:nuts: :nuts:
  13. WHA???!?!?! how come I didn't see this?! lol I love it! :drool:

    EDIT: after seeing this, I went over to tout de suite lol and the Multicolore Eugénie is GORGEOUS! :drool::drool::drool: I'm hyperventilating now :biggrin:
  14. no kidding
  15. here is info on the wallet.
    MC YUM.jpg mc info.jpg