Need montaigne bag in Magnolia! any ideas where I can get it?

  1. I fell in love with montaigne bag in magnolia. Saw it at BV website in the catalog.. anyone can tell me where i can get it? thx
  2. Just call the customer service number. They can either direct you to a boutique carrying it, or you can simply order it over the phone with the BV shopper (I think her name is Ana). The shipping charge is less than 20 dollars, I think. Good luck locating it, and post pics when you do!
  3. i think i saw it on eBay as well in the last couple of days. the seller said it's brand new. i'd check that out.
  4. thank you guys.. this forum is the best!
  5. I actually have to decide on which I want to get first.. I am getting Chanel classic flap in white next week, and thinking of the montaigne magnolia or the chanel luxe bowler in black. which one should I get first?
  6. I believe magnolia is a seasonal color so if you really love it you should get it before it disappears for good (or at least until they come out with another pink).
  7. ohhh! both are nice!! Lux bowler is hard to find and there's going to be a price increase in fall. Did you locate one?
  8. I'm still waiting for my SA to give me a call and let me know whether there are still any available. Both are hard to get and will definitely sold out! I'm so sad I cant spend 6000 a month! hahahaha

  9. Since we are all about pictures, here is a picture of the montaigne in magnolia.
  10. ^ It's absolutely gorgeous, I hope you can find it.
  11. Try calling BV at Bal Harbour in Miami. They had a waiting list for it...
  12. Thanks guys, this is very helpful. will post pictures once I got it!
  13. According to, the Montaigne in Magnolia is pretty hard to get, apparently only 33 are available in the US. She listed a contact : Cory at 214-265-0136.

    Both the Chanel and BV are different bags in terms of styles. Trust your heart and instinct. Good luck!
  14. Its available on bluefly at the moment!
  15. bostongirl - It's still available on Bluefly right now! Just posted a new thread about it.