Need money!

  1. man this sucks.

    im jobless and my car is to be out of the shop tommorow....
    ...for $1,560.


    besides prosituiting, is there any other miricle way to make extra, fast cash?

  2. oh, and find another job :smile:
  3. time to sell those handbags.

  4. i just finished esthetician school, my exam isnt until aug 9th, once passed then i can fianlly get a better paying job!!
  5. OMG-what was wrong with your car to cost that kind of money?
  6. Ask parents for help?
  7. Sell drugs . . . . . . .oh, wait, you said you needed a LEGAL way to make money, didn't you?
  8. I'm in FL now, where the weather sucks, last week it was flooding and i had no choice but to drive through clutch got wet and it rusted supposively. So a few days later while driving my clutch decided not to work anymore, I was stuck in gear and it was scarry. Got my car towed to the dealership...and got a brand new clutch....:T

  9. lol yeah, legal!

    shhh this is the internet...:graucho:
  10. for used books?

    go to your local grocery store, there is normally somoene putting up a want ad for a babysitter. -shrug- might not be great, but, it's cash and under the table :smile:
  11. Oh you bad influence... :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Go to the local universities and see if they want a guinea pig for their psychology experiments. They usually make you fill out surveys or ask you to be in one of their lab experiments. They'll pay you between $15 to $30 depending what they'll ask you to do. I use to do this back in college for some easy cash.
  13. Sell Plasma.
  14. wow i never really knew much about this. what kinds of things did they ask u to do?
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