need modelling pictures of SMALL outdoor hobo

  1. I am debating between the two sizes!!! please help!! i know i have been asking A LOT from all outdoor hobo owners.. but.. just one more time PLEASE??:p

    possible comparison pictures of small and large size
    MODELLING pictures of the small outdoor hobo

    DOES THE BAG SAG NICELY LIKE THE LARGE SIZE AS WELL? and how much does it fit??!?!?

    thank you!!!
  2. I thought Maxter had both sizes, big blue and small red, but I might be confused. Maybe she could post some pics.
  3. thanks for always helping me with this bag echo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p
    yeah.. but maxter doesn't like to post modelling pix:sad:
  4. thanks echo! i think i def. like the sagging of the larger size much betteR!!!
  5. If it helps, I thought I recalled someone posting on here about having problems keeping the smaller hobo on their shoulder. I haven't heard of that problem w/ the big one and I personally have no problems with that. I love my big one but wish it had the CC zipperpull the small one has, it's so cute! I do think Chanel made the wiser choice though since it's a big rugged bag, a big sturdy zipper pull is probably more fitting than a dainty CC!
  6. can the large size be worn under the arm with out flinging it to the back?
  7. Hi Janice! I just saw the small one IRL yesterday and it looks really small... The large one can be worn "normally" - under the shoulder and this is how I prefer to wear mine. It actually sits on the shoulder really well - I have no problem with the strap falling off - and is probably one of the most comfortable bags I've ever worn.
  8. thanks hipnycmom!!!! you are one of my inspirations to get this bag!!!!
    i have wanted since 2 months ago.. and my CRAVING for it just STOPPED... and after the AWESOME SALES(which is unfortunately OVER).. i see everyone's and they are just so amazingly gorgeous!! i need to get my hands on one now!!;)