Need Men's Briefcase Suggestions and DC/ Baltimore Area SA Recommendations, Please

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  1. First, my DH needs a new briefcase, and if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated! He's a super techy engineer by trade and an audiophile by hobby, to give a little background. According to him, his necessary features are: an exterior slip pocket (so nothing gets scratched by a zipper), a seperate steel reinforced laptop section for a 15" laptop, and lots of pockets (for chargers, mouse, iPad, various types of headphones such as over ear and earbuds, and whatever other cords he needs). From looking at the website, the Overnight looks like the closest to what he's looking for, but the exterior pocket is a zipper pocket, and the type of protection in the laptop compartment is listed only as foam. So, I'd love any help figuring out if LV makes a briefcase that would fit his needs. I like him in blue, so something in DC, if it exists, would be great. DG is always good, too.

    Second, since I'm visiting an area with LV boutiques, and I visit here at least every couple of years, I'm thinking the DC/ Baltimore area might be a good location for me to establish a relationship with a real, live SA. I'd prefer a stand alone boutique so I don't get shopping ADD in a bigger store, such as Saks. I'd like someone relaxed, good on the phone, who isn't afraid to tell me if something may not be quite what I'm looking for instead of pushing for a sale. I don't need a store with a large selection of men's items. DH gets a wallet every couple of years, and a briefcase much, much less often, and has no interest in any other men's items. I will be buying on my first visit (I've got a little birthday cash to spend). I plan to go shopping on Friday. Thank you for any SA recommendations! :smile:
  2. My Fave DC area SA is at the LV store located inside NM at Tysons.... She is off work Friday (but promised to have my
    Package waiting for me on Friday). She will be in on Saturday. Let me know if you're wanting her contact info

    I'm not fond of the LV stand alone store in Baltimore (Towson) though my last visit there was more pleasant than at other times in the last
  3. There's the Pilot Case and it sounds like it might closely fit the bill, granted the exterior pocket has a zipper but can be opened so insanely wide that is shouldn't scratch anything. The interior has a compartment for a laptop as well as a few pockets and a lot of's part of the luggage line and would be pretty robust in design and construction.
    If your hubby is very specific in what he needs, and there is no room for compromise or adaptation, then your best option would be to contact LV and make a request for a custom piece.
  4. I adore Rhonda and Allen at the Bloomingdale's store in Tysons Corner. They both go above and beyond, and are the 2 managers there.
  5. I am NOT a fan of the 2 free standing boutiques in the area (Tysons and Chevy). The manager at the Saks Chevy boutique, Dennis, is also wonderful to work with. Good luck!