Need MAJOR Shoes Help

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  1. Ladies, I need some help. Actually, I need A LOT of help. I currently own about 5 to 6 pair of shoes, and they are mainly for work. According to my SO, that's TOO FEW for a woman; according to my Mom, that's TOO MANY! Anyways, I think I have too few pair of shoes, so I NEED to expand my collection.

    Here's the dilemma ... I would love to wear heels, but I cannot seem to walk in them. They just ... HURT! My back would start hurting and I trip over myself often. My SO even said that I walk FUNNY when I'm in heels. I suspect it may have to do with the fact that I did not find the right pair of heels.

    Can anyone suggest a brand and style of shoes that are both comfy AND nice-looking? TIA:flowers: . Oh and what are some of the ways to practice walking the "correct" way? Whenever I wear heels and try to walk down the stairs, they always make these really loud and embarrasing "clap clap" sound as I walk down each step:Push:
  2. Walking in high heels mainly needs practise. Camilla Morton wrote a book called How to walk in high heels that also covers a lot of other girlie how tos. There are also a few websites on just that. One of the things Camilla suggests is practising in supermarkets by using the cart for support. I would start with 2 inch heels and then work my way up, it's all just practise.

    Different brands suit different feet so you need to go and try out a few different brands. For me, Blahnik, Michael Kors, Sergio Rossi and LV make the most comfortable heel but I can't wear Prada for more then a couple of hours. However a lot of women say Prada makes the most comfortable shoes so I think it mostly depends on you feet.
  3. wow...only 5-6...i'm speechless. that is way too few! i have about 93 (i counted) and that is too few!

    ok, for high heels, start out with a mid heel, about 2 inches and wear those everywhere. Once you gain confidence in those, go for a higher heel, 3.5 - 4 inches. Wear them around the house, etc and in no time you'll have mastered it.

    All you need is practice and baby steps!

    good luck!
  4. I think platforms are the easiest heels to walk in because you don't have as much slope between the toes and heel to worry about. To avoid the clap-clap problem look for something with a strap like a maryjane style.
  5. I can't fathom 5-6 movers insisted I have to many last time I moved...and I'd just donated like 30 pairs....

    I was never able to walk in heel higher than about 1.5 inches until I discoverd a STACKED heel....Now I've got 4 pairs of 3 inch heels that I walk GREAT in!

    The other option is the much of the shoe is touching the get a lot of lift but they are SUPER stable.

    I avoid MULES because I don't have the confidence that they'll stay on my feet...particularly when they are heels.

    And I take advantage of "foot petals" from Nordstrom to make my right shoe fit...its my smaller the back cushion foot petals keep my right foot from slipping out of the shoe.
  6. Hi Kou!!

    I've found that Burberry shoes and Manolos are really comfortable. I would try to stay away from anything that is patent leather, as they can really rip up your feet. Maybe you should start with a kitten heel and then work your way up. I used to have problems wearing 2.5" heels, but a month ago, I put on my 3" and 4" shoes, and they actually felt comfortable! Also, make sure to "break in" your shoes at home on the carpet before you go out in them for the whole day. I've also heard people wear shoes with their socks on just to stretch them out and be more comfortable :smile:
  7. My first thought was start with a wedge heel and then move up to a higher heel, but one that is chunky and not skinny. See how you do...then, move on to skinny heels
  8. Thank you ladies for all the helpful tips!!:flowers: Currently I have 4 pairs of shoes taht have heels of about 1.5" to 3" high. I can walk "normally" in 1.5", but I start to walk like a robot at 2". Something about my posture isn't right so I'm going to have to find a good comfy pair of shoes and then do the shopping cart practice.

    I'll definitely let you ladies know what shoes I come home with as soon as I find a pair of good ones.:yes:
  9. CL Shoes Kou :smile:)
  10. Start with kitten heels and work your way up... walk in your house when you're not doing anything...

    Although sometimes when you buy cheap high heels, they are not balanced correctly and the shank does not support your foot properly...

    So don't always think you're getting a good deal if you find a good priced shoe.
  11. Um, maybe you don't know how to walk in heels? I used to have problems with heels until my sister taught me how to walk with them!!

    Also, working your way up helps too

    PM if you want?
  12. Kou, darl, don't go straight in for thin stilettos type heels, go for a 'chunkier' heels, somehting like whats been buzzing around Prada catwalks for a couple of years now. I'd also totally go with an ankle strap or high foot strap(sexy tbar perhaps?) at first, just so you don't have to worry about keeping them on your feet!

    Its all about practice, I think that like a lot of girls, I learn to walk in heels at a very, very young age when I was pinching my mums heels for dressing up when I was younger :biggrin: But even now, a seasoned heel devotee like me, I find it sometimes will take me a day or so to get back into a pair of shoes & walk comfortably. I've been almost living in wedges this summer so I'm going to have to spend a good few nights in my highest 4-inchers, prancing round at home on the carpets so I don't fall & break my neck outside in them :biggrin:

    Good luck with it & just think of all those fabulous new shoes!!!
  13. I hadn't had a chance to go try out shoes yet and I most likely won't buy them until December, however I just remembered something crucial.

    I was involved in a slight snowboarding accident over 2 years ago and my right ankle had never been the same since. I think I injured my tendon so nowadays whenever the climate changes or if I walk the wrong way, my ankle would be sore. Can I still do heels or will that just make things worse?

    As for not knowing how to walk in heels, I think that IS one of the major problems I have. Whenever I walk in 2" heels, I find msyelf lifting my foot as opposed to walking the normal way. I just don't know how to lift my heels when I'm already in heels (doesn't give me much room to lift) so I often end up lifting the entire foot. What to do?

    Edit to Add: You ladies will get a good laugh if you see me walk in heels. I've been told by many that I truly look comical
  14. :smile: I'll get to see in December? Maybe you should stick to the kitten heels and see how your ankle feels. I'm the type that even if I twist my ankle..I still run around in heels :smile:

    You could also try an ankle boot with some height so that keeps your ankle in place? It also keeps you from feeling that your shoe is falling off you foot :smile: