Need Major Help Deciding :)

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  1. Hey ladies :smile:

    So here's my big dilemma. I went to Coach on Saturday and tried on the large Heritage tote in the white stripe.

    I saw the pink, but was told it only comes in a light pink in large -- is that true, btw?

    Anyhow, I think I'm set on the white one, but here's where the decision comes into play.

    I got white Ali a while ago and still haven't used her. She's still sitting in her dust bag in her Coach bag, in my closet.

    Right now I can't just go out and buy a new bag. My doggies (I have 4) need their yearly checkups and that runs me about $550, so getting something new is out of the question :smile:

    Should I return white Ali and get the Large Heritage Stripe in white?

    I LOVE Ali, but I don't know -- I think possibly the tote would get more use.

    I"m so conflicted, please help!
  2. i love the totes, and if you think that you would use it more then yeah exchange the ali. im just a bit weary about anything that is white...i tend to have
  3. I would wait a month and then buy the tote.

    You might regret selling the white Ali. It's such a gorgeous bag.
  4. I agree, a tote would get more use. I don't know that I'd be set on the white though. I would go for the larger pink myself.
  5. Does anyone know if it's true that the large tote only comes in a lighter pink? I asked the SA because the medium and small totes were the brighter/darker pink, and the large was this pale pink patent trim.

    She said that's the only color it comes in, in the large. I swore I saw the darker pink patent trim in a pic on here.

    Maybe I'm nuts...
  6. Tough call. If you get rid of Ali you likely won't be able to find her again without going through eBay. But you could wait a while on the tote and see if you are able to work out the funding for both in that time. I adore Ali bags, but white doesn't work for me at all, so I cannot say which bag would be better.
  7. Hmm I love the white ali and have one myself. But if you are not using her then there really is no point. Did you buy it before it hit the outlets so you will get more money back? :shrugs: If so then I would trade her if you are SURE you would rather have the tote. Good luck! :tup:
  8. I don't know whether the light pink heritage tote only comes in a large size, but I also agree that the heritage tote would get more usage than a white ali. While the white ali is absolutely stunning, I've never been a flap bag type of girl. I find them annoying and cumbersome when I am shopping and need to access my purse for my wallet, phone, etc. Plus, the heritage is SO much easier to clean and keep clean, while I'd be so paranoid wearing the white ali and making sure she doesn't get scratched or bump into anything while I'm walking. That's just my opinion. Let us know what you decide!
  9. I had the medium and the large heritage totes both in pink and they are the same color.. here is a pic..

  10. oh no... I love white ALI!!!!! it's such a gorgeous bag.. i'll be crying.. :crybaby:
    but hey it's just me!!! Do what you feel right!!:yes:
  11. I got her at the outlets so I paid 218 I believe. I also have a suede chocolate brown legacy wristlet that I got for like 140, that I also haven't used so that would basically cover the cost of the tote.

    I love Ali, I'm just unsure if I'll actually use her as I'm more of a throw everything in my bag and run kinda girl. I'm so unorganized.

    I think what makes the decision so hard, is if I decide I want white Ali back it will be harder to find her, aaaaaah!:sad:
  12. Personally, I think the Ali is more of a quality bag for the money. Also more classic. I am leary about these totes, seeing as though they are "first generation" and we don't know how coach's coated canvas will hold up. JMO

  13. Oh good! I knew that they were out there! I was really confused why they had the one in a totally different color. :confused1:
  14. don't sell your Ali!!! I have a white one too and have only used it once.... but come summer time I'm sure it'll be my primary bag!!!!
  15. Well I am a run and throw everything and go kinda gal and I can tell you I LOVE my white ali. :yes: She is cute, fun and easy to get in/out of.. I can get in/out of her while she is on my shoulder.. no problem. :okay: Everytime I wear her out I get compliments or people trying to buy her from me. That doesn't mean it is for YOU, but make sure first because that is a great price for the Ali and when they are gone, they are gone. I would definitely return the wristlet because that is a lot to go towards a bag. :tup: