Need LV suggestions...

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  1. Anyone on here have the Stressa GM or Artsy GM? I'm looking at both of them and having a hard time deciding between the two.
  2. You would get more answers in the LV subforum. I also know there are a lot of threads about these 2 bags. I will say I personally do not like the artsy. I have tried it on and the rolled handles are very uncomfortable. In addition the artsy is too bulky for me. That being said some people REALLY LOVE IT!! For me I like the stresa much better. I would also consider the galliera if I wear you. It is one of the most popular over in the LV subforum.

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  3. Between the 2 I would go for the stresa. Not a fan of the artsy. I do not like the rolled handle. I have had bags with rolled handles and they hurt my shoulder. Plus it does not have a long enough drop. So it is right in your armpit.

    Have you looked at the galliera???? that is my favorite
  4. Haha...I already have the galliera (got it a year ago)...that's why I like the look of the artsy so much...i also like that it has so many pockets. But I was worried about the handles and I thought it looked a little too much like my galliera.

    since im new here i didn't realize about the sub forum...on my way over there! thanks so much!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.