Need LV fix, but don't want buyers remorse

  1. OMG!! My early bday prezzies arrived yesterday :yahoo:!!! I got the mono speedy 25 and mono eugenie wallet (My first ever LVs --> that's why I'm so excited). They are absolutely gorgeous. I have a friend who has loads of fake LVs, but the real maccoy is so damn gorgeous and luxurious :nuts:!

    I think I've been bitten by the LV bug cos now I have a dilemma. I keep dreaming of getting more LV stuff. I think its because I want to experience the whole buying at the boutique thing for myself. But help!!! I don't know what to get :push:!

    I think I want something in damier. I've been eyeing the azur speedy lately cos I think its fab, but should I go for the damier papillon cos I already have a speedy? I like the azur design cos its so fresh. But the damier papillon seems so classic and has a unique shape and no vachetta to worry about. Dark handles could look horrid on the azur (but if I alternate between the mono and azur speedy perhaps it wont get dark too quickly :shrugs:). Or should I get some accessories instead? I was waiting for jack and lucie, but the inclusion speedy is available right now.

    Man this is so difficult. I can't get both cos DH would kill me, but he said I could get one more. (He already thinks wtf didn't you just get a new purse and wallet? Isn't it what you've been obsessing about lately?)

    So people, really need your help. You know more about this. I just need an LV fix but don't want buyers remorse. Please heeeelp. Cheers!
  2. he he....someone got bit bad!! Go through the LV website and do alot of research....make a list then go to the boutique with several things in mind. Look at them in person and make a clear well thought out decision. Oh & Congrats on your new goodies!!
    I think I need to take my own advice at
  3. hehe, welcome to the club! and congrats on your first pieces! as to your next, I vote for the damier papillon.
  4. I completely feel your pain! tPF doesn't help with the addiction! Enjoy your new LV lovelies and buy something when you tire of them. Maybe mid summer you can get something in azur or a summery scarf or bandeau to dress up your speedy. There are always accessories & charms!

    CONGRATS on you 1st LV purchases:woohoo:!!!!
  5. Congrats on your 2 new wonderful items!

    Do post pics... :nuts:
  6. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats and welcome to the fab side!!! I second Guilty Pleasure's comment. It what I did, well do. I went through the catalog, and I took down everything I liked, then I got the list down to the items, that I can actually picture myself using, then down to the items which I can see myself loving 10 years from now. I jotted down the bags, and took a trip up to my fave LV. There, I tried on the bags, and found that I did not like the way I looked with some, and took them off my list. What I was left with way my final LV wishlist. I have been buying things according to what I can afford at a given time.
  8. congrats on your new LVs!!!! :yahoo: i agree with the others and do LOTS of research. i think i spend way too much time researching out the bags that i want next. i also think its very important to take whatever you typically carry with you (if you plan to purchase something for everyday use) and try out the bags you're interested in.

  9. Great advise!!!:tup:
  10. Congrats on your new LV's.....use them and enjoy them. You don't need to make another purchase right away.
  11. Congrats, enjoy them!
  12. congrat, enjoy your new things
  13. ^^^ ITA. And with so many new items coming out ... you may want to take your time and really see if this or that is what you really want.
  14. congrats on your new purchases...i feel your excitement, as I recently purchased my first...although small.....the damier canvas pochette

  15. congrats enjoy your new LV!!!