Need LV expert help.

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  1. As some of you know from reading my threads I am attempting to raise money for a huge LV purchase. :idea: I need to sell some stuff quickly but I don't want to get desperate and give my stuff away. :yucky:

    So experts tell me--

    • I have a brand new Fuschia Baggy GM. How much is reasonable to ask for it??
    • I am going to list my MC black PTI wallet which is used. What is reasonable to ask for that one
    • I have two wallets already listed with no reserve. (Damier Koala and Mono PTI). But since I need the money now I was going to add a buy it now price. What would be a reasonable quick seller price for those?
    thanks for your help.:flowers: :heart:
  2. Best thing to do is check completed auctions on ebay.
  3. What bag are you "liquidating" your stash for :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  4. ^^^I agree. Im doing the same thing for my dior gaucho and inclusion bracelets.

    I noticed the denim baggy bags havent been selling so well. I have seen people like authentic_lvlady and let-trade sell them for 900$usd. also, the multicolore PTI is a hit or miss..for a while there they were selling for over $450.00 now since there are so many on ebay that has died down..i think 350$ is a good price, since there are others on ebay now around the 400$ mark with no bites.

    btw, whats the big purchase?
  5. I did check ebay. I always do that first. But I wanted to get opinions from fellow LV lovers. I want to price my items to sell on ebay NOW. I don't have time to relist and relist. That's what happened with my Koala wallet. Don't have time for that. I am trying to buy my dream bag right away :yes:

    ALSO I have a mono Stephen that I bought. Should I return this and get the money or should I keep it?

    If I return it that will be $2000 to help me with my purchase :wtf: On the other hand its limited so if I change my mind later I screwed.
  6. Fortunatley there are no fuschia ones on ebay now I don't think. So hopefully it will go quick :sweatdrop:
  7. I would return mono stephen and get $$$ back while you still can. I bet you won't wear as often to justify it's price tag. JMHO.

  8. You are probably right.

    I got really lucky because i originally bought it from the boutique and returned it when everyone was saying it looked like luggage. i was unsure. Then I wanted to kick myself. But it popped up on elux and I got it.

    Elux has a 60 day return policy so I still have time. Had i kept the one from the boutique I'd be outta luck :angel:
  9. I'd love to spill what the big purchase is for those that don't know.....but I don't have it yet.

    I'm just wishfully thinking and trying to be prepared just in case. I don't want to jinx myself by celebrating just yet. :P
  10. hehe I know what it is from one of your other posts..and OMG i would 10000% send back the stephen and put the funds toward this other BEAUTY.

    the stephen will show up on ebay, im sure. but this other only shows up a few times a year..hehe GO FOR IT

  11. I thought about that too. LOL I could probably find the stephen on ebay in a few months for less:idea:
  12. I want you to get the dream bag, so return the Stephen and good luck!:yes:
  13. i totally agree with irene! and look at ebay for comparable prices for the rest.

  14. YES! there are alot of them on ebay..I dont think they are selling well...
    but go for the other having heart palpatations just thinking about it!!!!!
    c'mon u know u want to be like irene and oprah :lol:
  15. I the bag you really really want. the oskar waltz:love: :love: