Need LV Advice

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  1. Hi girls...
    I am new to this forum and could really use some help! I have 4 Coach bags and 2 DBs and feel that it is time to move on to an LV (I'm 22). I have loved the Monogram style for as long as I can remember and the quality of LV seems to be amazing-I know I would use it forever. I finally have a "real" job and want to treat myself to a monogram Speedy 25, but my only hesitation is how many fake bags I see being carried around. It kills me to see girls carrying cheap, plastic LV's and trying to pass them off as authentic, and part of me feels that whoever sees my bag will just figure that it is a fake as well. Does this ever discourage anyone from purchasing LV (or any other designer) bags, or are you content just knowing yourself that is real? I know that most people can't afford the real thing, but it makes me so mad that they are pretty much ruining the name for those of us who take pride in our bags.
    Thanks for the input, I look forward to reading any responses!!

    Emily :smile:
  2. Welcome to the forum!:flowers:

    I don't care if some people think my bag is fake because those people obviously don't own an authentic one and are haters anyways. lol. What matters it that you know it's real and that you love your bag!:heart:
  3. it doesn't matter what people think. as long as YOU love your bag, and you know it's real, :censor: everyone else. i carry around my designer bags all the time, and because i live in a city when fakes are rampant, i know most people will think it's fake, but like i said, :censor: 'em.
  4. I totally agree!:flowers:
  5. Ditto. :yes: You know you're bag is real and that's all you need to know. When them girls are staring at you with your speedy, they have that twinge in the back of their head that you're is real. So don't let the fakes discourage you.
  6. Well I think that as long as you know it's real, it doesn't matter what others think. People who share your love for LVs will be able to tell the difference.
  7. I totally agree, as long as you love it, who cares what others think.
  8. People who know their stuff will know yours is real...who cares about anyone else? They don't appreciate it anyways!
  9. I live in NYC/Chinatown and I work right by Canal St., so yep, I definately see fakes everyday :rant:.. but when I carry my LV's, at least I know (and that's all that really matters) that the one I have is real and will last for a lifetime (and then some):yes:.
    As for those who may think yours is a fake? Who cares what they think.:graucho:
  10. It's time for you to get your speedy!!! Once you get your LV, you will be addicted. As far as fakes, who really cares if they THINK yours is, at least you KNOW yours isn't.

    Believe me, WE pfers and others who adore LV KNOW the difference. Usually the ones that think they're fake are the ones that have fakes.

    Just buy it because YOU LOVE it and if it makes YOU HAPPY, i don't see why it would discourage you otherwise...
  11. Oh yeah, and WELCOME TO tPF!!!
  12. Amen to this! Have fun picking out your first LV and knowing it's the real deal! :supacool:

    [On a personal note, I only buy via elux or an LV store; I just don't trust ebay but that's me.]

    AND...welcome to tPF!
  13. I'm with the others but I do like my oher bags especially B-bags better because here the streets are full of LVs and other brands are not so over exposed. When you go downtown here you see at least about 3 to 4 speedies plus other styles and this one of the reasons I'm not into the Logo lines anymore but that's just my personal taste. I'm sure you'll love your new bag and that's everything that counts!
  14. Thank you all for the great advice (and the welcome to tpf!). I know the monogram is probably the most replicated of the LV lines, but I feel like it's just such a classic, although I like the Damier as well (love the denim, but it's outta my price range for now). I will definitely use Elux or go to my local LV store (about a mile away from my apartment in Troy, Michigan), although I must admit the whole going to the store thing intimidates me, as I look like I am about 12 and doubt I would be taken seriously be the sales associates. I hope to buy sooner rather than later, as I'm sure there will be a price hike again soon...a few more questions though... Is it ultimately cheaper to buy on Elux? I am curious how sales tax works with that, but then I don't know how much difference it would even make once shipping is factored in. Also, what kind of warranty/guarantee does LV make and is the pricing ridiculous for repairs and/or cleaning?

    Thanks again!!

  15. With elux you only have to pay shipping, no sales tax--unless you're in California or Tennessee they have to pay tax.

    As for shopping in the store, don't be intimidated at all! I live far far from an LV but the few times I've been to them in Short Hills NJ and once in Dublin, the SAs were rather friendly. All the times I've gone I"ve just been in jeans and a polo/tank. Of course they didn't run right over to me but if I asked for help they were gracious and showed me everything I wanted to see.

    Personally I don't think there's a difference whether it's made in USA or France or Spain but I know some people prefer french made bags.

    Don't worry about those with fakes. Carry yours with pride and that's all that matters:flowers: