need little help, neverfull pm + mini pochette

  1. Do you have both mono mini pochette and mono T&B mini pochette? Can someone show a pic of the mono mini pochette (no T&B) hanging on neverfull pm (just like SJ's ad)? Will it look boring without T&B logo? I have a mono mini pochette and I really like the look of T&B one hanging on neverfull pm, but I am not sure that I want to buy another mini pochette just yet. I really want to see the pic of the regular one on neverfull pm. please help, thanks!
  2. MOD, please move this thread...I forgot I was in club section! :sweatdrop:
  3. I think it would look plain without the logo, but maybe instead of the T&B you could use one of the other 'decorated' pochettes as another option.

    Do you not yet have a Neverfull? - you'll have to get that anyway before you could buy a T&B to hang upon it, so you'd be able to see for yourself right away. Or you could try them in store!