Need lipstick recommendations

  1. I have very dry lips, and many lipsticks make my lips drier. Clinique isn't doing it for me. Coach lipstick is great but they are discontinuing it. Any other suggestions?
  2. Anna Sui Gloss Lipstick works wonders on my dry lips. They come in a range of colors, the pinks are pretty. I use various brands of lipsticks like Chanel, Clinique, BeneFit, but I find Anna Sui's Gloss formula is the best. Anna Sui's lipsticks are mostly drying so make sure you get the gloss one.

    Edit: My AS lipstick is in shade 371
  3. I just got into using Armani's lipsticks. I have two so far, and both are very moisturizing. I tend to have dry lips every now and then, and I thought these were great.

    Edited to add: The ones I use are Sheer Lipstick #14 (this one leans towards the pink side, but it's not too pink... kind of pinkish-beige-ish I guess, hard to explain), and Silk High Color Cream Lipstick #27 (this one is a nude color). Hope this helps!
  4. I have the same problem, but putting lip balm or chapstick over my lipstick REALLY helps! :tup:
  5. There's a line by Chanel called Creme Gloss Lumiere - it's a lipstick softened into a gloss format, it wears closer to a lipstick but with the bonus properties of gloss (moisturization, etc).
  6. I was about to suggest Clinique but then I read the whole post... It's the only one that really works for me.
  7. If you wish to wear lip balm try stuff from here, they're really moisturizing because of the jojoba oil, and come in a smogasboard of flavors:

    When not wearing lipstick, I wear their Strawberries & Champagne, pleasant smell and taste, very slight, not overpowering.