Need 'letting go' support :[

  1. A few days ago my mom was complaining about how her handbag was pretty beat up and she wanted a new one. So since I dont get to see my mom much and I've been wanting to buy her her first designer purse I decided to give her one of my bags in the mean time. She's a leather lover and the only all leather bag I had was my green COACH carryall I bought from Becca awhile back (thanks Becca!).

    So now my baby belongs to my mom. I dont regret giving her away because I love my mom and she deserves a nice purse (plus I already have a green purse and my mom likes bright colors), I just miss seeing her with all my other bags [​IMG] I need another all leather purse soon to help me get by, lol.

  2. Aww, that was sweet. Haha for once I would like to do something like that for my mom. BUTT im only 16, and the only money I get is from my mom, so I cant buy her something with her own money?

    Oh well be happy, get something else :yes: Like that Gallery pocket Satchel you were looking at.

    At least she didnt give you your first diamond ring on her bday (my mom gave me my first diamond ring on her bday :blink: )
  3. Oh how sweet of you to give your baby to your mom! I'm sure she appreciates it and will enjoy it. Just breathe....and think about the new bag you will get!!!;)
  4. lol Thanks guys!

    Aw your mom is sweet!! I want presents on someone elses birthday, lol. Thats only happened once on my brothers birthday when we were visiting relatives and I got a present too just because I dont see those relatives much, lol!

    You're right. I need to start saving for that gallery satchel :heart:3

    Hey A! Darn, we always JUST miss each other on the boards.

    Thanks & [breathes], lol.
  5. That was very kind of you! I'm sure your mother is very touched by your generosity! It will come back to you tenfold!
  6. Yeah, I hear ya. I bought one of the reissue classic leather bags at the outlet last summer, and when my mom saw it, she just had to have it because it was purple. Uh, yeah, that's why I bought it, too, Mom. But she really *really* wanted it so I gave it to her. If I'd known, I'd have bought two, because I've never seen those bags in purple there again since. Sigh.
  7. I remember when you got that bag! I was so excited for you! but I love giving as much as I love getting and you've made your mom very happy. soon you'll have more bags! hoorah! (and I sent you a PM about an all leather bag!)
  8. That was really sweet of you. There a tons of purses out there and I am sure you will find one you will love quick!

    Now you know your purse is in good hands and being loved by your mom. It will probably mean a lot to her being it was from you
  9. You are soooo sweet! I'm sure your mom will be very happy to get your Coach purse. :yes: Of course, you can get another one easily. :P
  10. Thank you ladies! You guys are always so sweet. I'm swinging by the outlets once again tomorrow. I'll let you guys know if I find anything.
  11. Ahh, now I see the motivation for buying the cute new tote and wallet... ;) Where did you buy that green scarf? I'm still looking for a cute contrasting color (maybe green or pink) scarf to tie onto my Speedy.

    edit: This is off-topic but I'm envious of your room! It's so beautiful and colorful!
  12. That says a lot that you gave her a great bag --- instead of one you don't really like. I remember that bag that Becca put up for sale. It was to die for.
    You are a sweeet daughter.
  13. Oh! Go green, go green! Well, unless you really like the color pink, lol. Actually I bought this and the scarf from a PF member back when the Marketplace was still open, but its not anymore :[ Anyways, she got it from a COACH outlet though so I'm sure theyre still around. I love polka dots :heart: Here's a nicer picture, you can barely see it under my arm there in the original post -



    Haha, thank you very much! Technically thats not my room, it was my dorm room (which I shared with a roommate) back on my college campus. I'm moving back in when school starts again in August, but for the mean time I'm visiting my parents in Florida and my room isnt nearly as colorful :[ I miss the colorfulness.

    Thank you coachwife6 :heart:3
  14. Look at it this way - it's still in the family!
  15. lol True! I suppose I could always "borrow" her LOL Then again, I'll be going back to Raleigh when school starts and my family is moving to Orlando in September :[ Oh well! I trust my mom to love her right :heart: