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  1. Hi all-

    I am looking to buy from let-trade and would like to ask the advice of those who've purchased from him before. I checked out the pics of the bag I want and don't see any flaws. However, the bag is being sold at close to half off. What might I be missing? Or is this typical of his pricing? What questions should I ask?

    Any and all help/experiences are appreciated!
  2. I think you should ask about flaws, marks or whatever. Maybe there is something, that you don't see.
  3. just ask him about any flaws, and if there are any, ask for more up close pictures. which auction is it, i will take a look at it with you. (without taking it from under your feet!)
  4. I've purchased around 11-12 LV from her since 2005 ( when I had not on eBay yet~my first purchased: LV Epi Lilac Hori Elastique Wallet ).
    You could ask them to mention you the condition but major of their LV in good condition. They sell cheap coz they got cheap from their customers :smile:
  5. :lol:
  6. I had one item from let trade and the condition of the bag was same as seen on photos.
  7. I have a new question relating to this...does anyone know why on some items they dont list a product description but just say to look at the pictures? I have always wanted a speedy in the cerises :love: and they have one on there but no description really. can anyone look at that and tell me if they think its in good condition or about the price? I would really appreciate it.

    thanks so much guys!
  8. I :heart: Let-Trade...NEVER had any problems with them!!!
  9. I notice they will make complete description once they'll list their LV on eBay :smile: May we can understand their reason, let's think, if we're selling too many items like them & have to make very very compete description for each item, how many time & worker we need to do that? ;)
  10. :yes::yes::yes:

  11. that was very helpful, thank you.
  12. I bought a wallet from him and the only thing I found was that it smelled of moth balls when I got it.
  13. thanks for all the help. I've sent him/her some questions and I'll let you all know how it turns out!
  14. Good luck addicted. Just as an FYI- I have bought 5 bags from him and am currently looking at a few more! Love LT
  15. Let-trade is the only LV reseller I will purchase from. I have bought from them since back when they were called a-must-buy.
    All their pics are great & I've received everything in the condition described. I fully trust them.
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