Need Legacy Wristlet opinions

  1. Ok, so Bethy's collection convinced me I need a Legacy wristlet for my bag.

    Big Question is.....WHICH COLOR?!?!

    Should I get:
    Whiskey to match the bag?
    Pond to play it up?
    White because summer is coming?
    Black to keep me from buying a black shoulder bag?

    What do you think?

    Also is the Dusty Rose coming back out? Did they ever do the wristlet in rose?
  2. i have it in pond and i have a whiskey bag- it looks so pretty together!
  3. You up for a photography session anytime soon?:graucho:
  4. Yes, I agree.... the pond would be a nice compliment to the whiskey color. :yes:
  5. I think the pond would look great with whiskey.. but! the white is sounding tempting too. I think the white is crisp and is great for the upcoming season.. :flowers:

    off topic question, but do you have the Carly Pouch?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. One of each!! Oh, sorry, JK! Pond!!! It's beautiful and if you get any other color in the shoulder bag, it'll still go with any of them!! And it'd be great used as a little clutch!
  8. I vote pond! 2nd choice would be whiskey.
  9. Ditto on the pond!
  10. I like the way the pond wristlet looks with the whiskey bag. So pretty! I would go with that!
  11. POND! I think it goes great with the whiskey, the black, and it would play up a white bag in a great way, too. You can't lose.
  12. pond.

    like everyone else has stated.

    i'd also grab it fast. rose did come in a wristlet but that was gone superfast. pond almost seems like its going to do the same disappearing act
  13. I can't believe that I am not going to say black! I agree with everyone else - I think the pond is beautiful and it looks stunning with the whiskey. It would look great with all of the Legacy colors (well, except for the rose)!
  14. Pond. Great color.
  15. Kallison, thanks for posting the whiskey bag and pond wristlet together. I have been contemplating the exact same thing (get a wristlet in the same color or go with a different, but complimentary color). In the end, it's a tough call between the whiskey and pond.

    I recently recieved the legacy stripe framed wristlet, so I might not be getting anything new anyway!