NEED Legacy Striped Coin Purse Wristlet

  1. So I collect all of the Legacy Striped Anniversary accessories, and I bought the larger Coin Purse that's like a small wristlet. But I didn't like it and returned it.

    Now I'm sure it will be perfect for my mother but I cannot find it!!

    I can't find it on eBay and it's not on the Coach website. Should I call their number?

    My mum's B-day is today, but she can wait a bit. :s

  2. Have you called all your local Coach stores? They had one on a coach bag at a store in MI yesterday, they only had the floor model
  3. Hmm, I ordered the small wristlet. It's less money anyway, lol. So THAT will do fine, plus it's bigger.

    It's for all my mum's merchandise credit cards lolol.
  4. Oh thanks! I can always return this, but now I'm thinking she'll REALLY like it. I also got the key pouch, which she actually asked for. (I got it from the Outlet, there already!!)

    Actually, she was wondering if I could give her mine. But um NO way! LOL.
  5. ^^No, its like a bigger coin purse. It was the first legacy item I saw at the store, for like 88$. I didn't like the excess of contrasting pink stitching so I put it back.
  6. hmm...

  7. I actually called the 1-800 coach # to order that one on Monday- its item # 40239 for $88. They said that they only had 2 but they could get stores to fill the order. But I would call NOW!!:yes:
  8. anybody have a pic? it's not showing up on the dd....and i don't know why i'm having a brain fart right now.
  9. Ohhhh I wanna see a pic, too! That sounds gorgeous!
  10. I can't think of which legacy item that was either. I would be interested in seeing a pic too. Anyone have one?
  11. As soon as it arrives (which is supposed to be tomorrow- but who knows with the weather) I will post pics! I just have to figure out how to make them smaller so I can attach!
  12. :yahoo::yahoo:It's here- ice and all!!! I love it... I'm going to use it for all my "other" cards that aren't in my wallet (video, petstore, etc) :heart::heart:
    IMG_0323.JPG IMG_0324.JPG IMG_0325.JPG
  13. Purseaddict, I didn't even know that this item existed. I really do love it as I like all legacy stripe items, but this one is definitely unique.:drool: Congrats on the great find! Enjoy!
  14. Same here Chuggie, I never knew about it....I miss all the good ones