need lauren conrad's messenger bag from 'the hills'

  1. i can't seem to find the pic over the internet, but to all those who watch the show: does anyone remember the black messenger bag that lauren wears from work all the time? it's not that chanel tote. she was wearing it when she was walking down the street and jason was waiting for her in his car and he got out to ask whether they were still cool. just wondering. she slings it across her chest.
  2. Do you have a pic you can post? I think I know what your talking about.
  3. Is it one of these?
    bscap0162.jpg bscap0061.jpg
  4. what's that bag from the 2nd picture?
  5. I don't know, I just thought I could be helpful and find some pictures.. it doesn't ring any bells for me.
  6. The first pic is the Juicy Couture Bianca bag. The second I have no idea, it seems really plain with no marking, so it's definitely hard to identify.