Need Lands' End Free Shipping Code

  1. I would love to make a purchase, but the high shipping rates make me crazy. Any free shipping codes out there?

  2. These may or may not work, but here is a link to various codes from the website.
  3. Thanks bagachondriac. I actually saw those and gave it a try. No luck!

  4. I'm sorry....I'll keep looking!
  5. Land's End hardly ever does codes, but you can get free shipping by placing an order at a Sears store (not sure if it's any Sears, or just those that sell Land's End stuff).
  6. That's great to know!! I looked through all my coupon sites to no avail. I did email them to inquire about free shipping codes though.

  7. I don't know that I have ever received such a speedy response to an email inquiry!! Boy, am I impressed with Lands End!:tup: Don't know if this will work for you as it may have my name attached to it. If it doesn't work, I'm certain that they will offer you free shipping. Here's the context of the email....

    Please include the following line in all replies.

    Tracking number: UT20070929_0000000912

  8. Bagachondriac, you are a doll! I called the number you mentioned and just asked for free shipping. They told me to make a note on my order and that they would make a manual adjustment.
  9. Again...that makes me happy!! I love to shop, but I refuse to pay both full price or shipping without first making every effort to reduce either or both. "Nothing ventured..nothing gained" I always say! For the most part, companies are so eager to make a sale that they are willing to either eliminate the shipping costs or offer a promotional code when a potential customer asks. Trust me....I'm never afraid to ask. Being assertive is something I'm known for (don't know if that's good or bad:yes::nogood:), and I just love helping people out!! It's a pleasure my dear.:tup: Don't we just love saving money?
  10. Anyone have a free shipping code at this time?
  11. I received this info (for basically always getting FREE SHIPPING) with Lands End ordering - you HAVE to call them & give them your "C" number off the back of your catalog & then they just place your order via phone withOUT the shipping's very quick & easy....Hope it helps for future orders. I have always had very good luck with Lands End (clothing, luggage, shoes, & more).

    You can call us at 800-963-4816 and we can help you out with that...this is directly to the internet customer service department.
  12. Here's what I used today from a Land's End e-mail - expires at 10 pm central:

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    At checkout, on the Billing Information page, go to the section labeled &#8220;Source Code&#8221; (below the credit card payment box).

    Enter the Source Code FreeShip and the PIN 529529529 in the space provided.

    Or if you have a Lands&#8217; End &#8220;Personal Shopping Account&#8221;&#8230;.
    1) Make your selections
    2) On the Order Review page, click &#8220;Source Code&#8221; in the section labeled &#8220;Apply another payment method&#8221;
    3) Enter your Source Code and PIN (shown above). That&#8217;s it!

    Or call 1-800-800-5800 and give your Source Code and PIN to the customer service representative.

  13. I wanted to thank you for this thread--I just phoned Land's End, and they provided me with a free shipping code over the phone. I was buying tiny items--it was really very silly that they wanted me to pay nearly $20 to ship a few sports bras and a swimsuit via Parcel Post. And the cool thing was, they recognized that.

    They did mention that (partly in response to LL Bean's free shipping) Land's End is now offering free shipping via their e-mail lists and catalogs. I told them I don't want catalogs, but I used my spam address to sign up for e-mail offers.

    So, long story short, Land's End *does* offer free shipping codes, but, like everyone else, they are trying to keep it personalized. Sign up for e-mails with a spam address, and you will get codes with some frequency.
  14. Enter CHILL in the promo spot and the pin#62955924. It is valid until october 28th, 2008.
  15. the pin # is actually 00009067. sorry.