Need knowledge and opinion from you lovely ladies on a type of shoes I been searching

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  1. So I been looking for a nice pair of heels to wear with long gowns and etc to formal events, I fell in love with the attached pair of cavallis and they were under $300! :graucho: but I showed it to one of my designing major friends and she said it would make my legs look really short with the ankle band :sad: I also looked up some patent leather stilts and they honesty look more and more like stripper shoes....
    I am looking for black leather heels like these with just one strap in the toe area, I like simple and elegant. I did see a CL recently with crystal heels, but it was just too much going on :sad: it's hard to do searches on them too since designer usually have names instead of listing with description of the style.
    Dear ladies, any advise on nice pairs would be greatly appreciated!:love::love:
    thanks in advance~~~~
  2. i have some lanvins with similar straps and i think so long as their not tight around the ankle they look fine. plus if your wearing long gowns surely your ankles would be well covered?

    i think they would go with a lot of gowns so if your happy with them try them, you can always return them :smile:
  3. long gowns with sexy slits :cool: I did consider it for a very long time, and as I searched for pictures online they do seem to make legs look short :sad: esp since my legs are not that skinny. I want to find a pair with a skinny strap but don't know which brand to start searching
  4. Ooh sounds gorgeous, I love wearing those kind of gowns. You could have a look at jimmy choo, they do a lot of strappy shoes. As do Stuart weitzman :smile: