Need Job Advice Quick!

  1. Hi everyone! I need some important suggestions and advice quick. Here's the thing, a company emailed me today and said that they are interested after seeing my resume BUT they want to see my work before deciding on whether they want to talk to me. Here's the problem, I deal with contracts, forecasts, reporting, analysis, and closing deals with Wall Street banks. A lot (more like all) of this is private info. How do I go about this? I mean, I don't want to get in trouble. Do I just change the numbers and names? I'm sure I am not the first to be presented this challenge.
  2. I'd be very careful about this. At my job I had to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  3. Yikes. I don't know what advice to give. I had to sign an agreement when I started here.

    Maybe you can explain that the company names & data is confidential, and ask what do they specifically want to see?
  4. Yeah, explain that you can't show your work as it's a conflict of interest. I don't see how any employer would ask you to do that. It seems pretty obvious that it's not something easily (or even legally) done.
  5. I don't see any problems with this. Give them the newest thing (of course it has to be good) and IN FULL.

    I am quite serious. Since you deal with Wall Street banks, you are probably aware of the fact that all the talk from about Chinese Walls and keeping your positions a secret is just unrealistic and impractical because once it gets out of your head and/or on to the paper, it's free for all.

    The best excuse I've heard is: the cleaners dropped this on my desk, don't know where he got it from but I thought it was not too shabby an idea! Next week, the client who wanted that collateralised debt obligation (layman term = a pool of bonds structured into layers of different risk levels, the higher the interest payments = the higher the risk and if you take the layer with the highest risk you would be the first person to lose all the money if something goes haywire) structured got it done at that firm where 'the cleaner dropped the notes,' LOL.

    Relating this back to your question even if you give them the newest report, I do not think it will ever be noticed who gave it anyway because they probably have their version already.

    But you are still really worried, give them something you did 3 months ago. I know for a fact that Goldman Sachs gives away their risk/return characteristics and other analyses if it has been for more 3 months so surely there shouldn't be a problem. Of course you can get the latest version from the cleaners!
  6. Ok, here's the email I got from the company who has expressed an interest:

    Thank you very much for forwarding your details for consideration to XXX. We have reviewed the information submitted, and believe it is worthwhile for us to continue with the evaluation process.

    As part of the evaluation process, we will find it particularly useful if you can submit sample work to help familiarize us with your specific capabilities and strengths; such samples can include any of your recent work (preferably past two years). For example; PowerPoint strategy presentations, Financial (Excel models), Word documents, Project plans, and any other of your outputs which detail some of the projects, activities you've worked on. In selecting the work, it is helpful if you submit examples of areas in which you believe you are particularly strong. Should you require further guidance kindly refer again to XXX site for further indication of the areas of expertise we require.

    Reviewing such materials will help us decide whether there is a potential good fit between your skills and interests and the type of projects and roles XXX typically undertakes. While we use this information strictly for the purpose of evaluating candidates, we appreciate that some of these documents may contain confidential information. As such, we understand you may be required to sanitize the documents from important details and this will be taken into account when assessing your samples.

    What do you guys think? Another issue here is that one of the major things I do is negotiation of contracts. These are often forward agreements so something from 3 months ago will still be in effect right now. Furthermore, tasks such as negotiation of pricing and such is often done over emails and phonecalls so it gets confusing if I try to forward those - UNLESS I include the commitment letter, which states the term. Last but not least, some of the reports I run will not be understandable unless the person actually works at my company. I really do not know how to go about this and show them what it is that I do. I mean, I do A LOT of stuff but this is tricky ...

    As for my current job, I really have it up to HERE! I hate how my coworkers are whining and complaining while they are the ones who are not doing any work. Yet they're so good at making themselves look overwhelmed adn busy that I have to pick up the slack. Now, I don't mind helping out BUT this is definitely NOT what I do. I don't log things and pick up boxes, and while I don't mind doing this for a couple days per month, I DO mind when these menial tasks is taking time away from me to learn about things that are relevant in MY dept (hedging and other financial modeling). I mean, because of these people's ineptness, they're hindering my opportunities to learn and therefore advance ...
  7. I don't suppose this is a test to see whether you would break your confidentiality agreement without blinking? :rolleyes:

    EDITED after I read the letter. I would take a good presentation and fill in fantasy names and change figures so they don't know which client it referred to.
  8. Yeah, I guess you could just change names up and alter figures.
  9. Yea...change names and figures - you should be fine, they could very well be putting you to a test or not, phishing for info, I don't careful!!!!
  10. I am thinking why don't you turn this into an advantage? Given the complexity of all the e-mail (paper)work that there is, why don't you combine it together into a Zip file or something like that and then whiz up a new Visio or Project up to show how you introduced clear structure into a hectic pile of junk and how you were able to organise the work flow. Then sent both together.

    And actually another question: you say you hedge things, make financial models and deal with forwards, are you a buy-side derivatives structurer by any chance?

    P.S. I still think the 3 month conundrum is not a problem, I can tell you what Eurodollar 3month Futures trade I did last week at my former firm if you want ;).
  11. Wow! Change the names and numbers. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happpen!!
  12. I wondered about that too.

    I would alter any identifing details out, and let them know, that you have.
  13. i don't think it sounds like the best way to go. i would suggest face to face presentation and if it is not on the up and up they will not want to meet.
  14. wow. tricky stuff and two differing opinions here. i was a former trader and am now the asst. director of compliance @ major financial firm. I specialize in Pac Rim markets. If *I* found out you gave actual data irregardless of age to the competition aka potential client not only would I be pissed I'd have you in court and I'm absolutely not joking.

    Bear in mind, people, esp. mgmt. in financial services firms talk and frequently @ that. We run into each other @ meeetings, seminars and court dates lol. You are better off fictionalizing whatever data you are going to present.

    I think the firm just wants to make sure you can do everything your resume lists as opposed to finding out down the line you were shilling.

    And also what does your handbook say?
  15. Ok, I have thought this over and decided that I will NOT be sending them any of the "samples". It's one thing to mention how many % of increase of revenue I have brought in for the company but it's a completely different thing when I have to reveal loan level pricings and loss reserves. It's just not right. So no, I won't be able to give them what they're looking for. It doesn't sit right with me.

    Well ... I am going to write an email back to them and explain that I cannot do what they ask and that if they really want to know whether I can do what I do, I'm more than happy to meet with them in person so that I can demonstrate what I'm talking about. I suppose I can alter numbers, BUT I'm still concerned about just how much that may be revealed about my company. So I'd rather take the safe and higher road and not do it.

    If they're truly interested in me, I'm sure they'll be willing to meet and speak with me first.