Need iPOD-decision-help...

  1. I need a new mp3 player... ok, I don't need one, I just bought one last month, but I'm absolutely not satisfied w/ it. I narrowed it down to the iPod Nano w/ 8GB and the iPod video w/ 30GB... And here's my problem: they are almost the same price :p I like the look of the 8GB better and, what's very important to me, it's smaller. On the other hand... you can never have enough GB, right? :graucho:

    What would you suggest? 8GB but better size and look or 30GB and video function???
  2. i had the exact same conundrum. i went with the nano (even though it was 4GBs at the time) and i've been pretty happy with it. and i still haven't managed to fill it up (although it's close at this point).

    the only reason i would want a video one is if i travelled or communted a lot.
  3. Video of course!!!!
  4. I'm going through the same choice. I'm leaning toward the 8GB, as I like the smaller size, and they will make improvements on the one w/video and make it smaller and cheaper later on.
  5. video!

    the nano is terrible value per gb.. but my 40gb ipod is full and before i killed it so was my 60gb so the thought of buying a nano wwould never even enter my head.
  6. I would look at the battery life, which ever has the best longest time if you are a commuter would be a important decision.

    Do you plan on using the video function a lot? Are you prepared to purchase that kind of stuff from apple? or is it just used for music that you rip off from your cd collection.
  7. I love my 30, and it is almost full (all with songs, no video) for me 8 would never work.

    My son has a nano tho and the size is great. I would recommend getting on of the hard shell cases if you end up with the nano, as they are so thin, the screen is easy to damage.

  8. that's not really too much of an issue, there are ways to convert other video files into ipod format.
  9. Video, definitely!
  10. i have a 30 gig video and its never going to be full!! lol i dont even have 1 gig down yet!!
  11. i have a 30 gb, but i wish i bought the 80! mine has been full since the day i bought it!!!
  12. We bought the video one for my daughter - she loves it!
  13. I have the 30 gig and that was my first iPod ever. No regrets. I love it. I have over 1000 songs on it and it's nowhere near full. No video yet but I wanted to keep that option open for the future so I wouldn't have to start all over again with a video compatible device.

    This plus an electrical adapter (so I don't have to charge it in my laptop) are all I need!!
  14. I have the video one..I used to have (well, still have) the pink mini but it died and the battery was going to be so expensive to replace that my dad just got me a new ipod lol.
  15. I only use my ipod when I'm in the car, so the bigger the merrier (because I don't have to worry about losing it in some cracks lol)