Need Inspiration!!

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  1. So I got these blue patent shoes that are so cute!! I fell in love with them although blue is a little out of my comfort zone... so what kind of outfits can I wear these shoes with? (aside from like using it to provide a pop of color to a monochrome outfit, or with jeans?)

    I need inspiration!! Pics would be greatly appreciated!!
    ebay 001.jpg
  2. i know you guys are real creative n' would know how to rock these shoes!! let's hear some suggestions!
  3. I love this bright vibrant blue. I can see them with dark wash skinny jeans and a crisp, white dressy shirt. I just went to Saks and quickly found an example that would work with this outfit but I"m sure other ladies may offer better ideas. :tup:


    Joie cotton/silk ruffle shirt, $220, available
  4. White or blue top
    Black cute sweater
    Bootcut Jeans

    A top that's long (like the one in the above picture)
    with some blue accessories
    Jeans or leggings/tights
    with Jeans
  5. ooooh!! Love your ideas!!

    I guess I'm not sure what colors i can safely mix with the blue :s... like i would've never thought of that last purple top wantmore put a link to!!

    I found this pic for a more girly look- please keep the suggestions coming!!
  6. i would go with a solid colored dress, preferably a darker color, dark grey, black, dark dark navy blue...


    dark dressy top (i have this top that will be PERFECT for those shoes.. its an ella moss top, its black with a little blue.. its kinda hard to explain.. anyways... )
    Black/grey blazer
    Dark jeans...

    btw.. congrats~ love those shoes~!!!!!

    ps.. just keep your outfit in simple neutral solid colors, so your shoes can POP!
  7. wow.. you ladies have awesome taste!! I've been parading around the place in my blue heels today!! I went through the closet yesterday and found a few things i could wear with them thanks to your suggestions..

    keep 'em coming if you find any other cute ideas!!
  8. wear it with solid colors then maybe match it with a blue epi speedy bag, or a blue marc jacobs..etc..
  9. I'm glad I could give you some ideas.
    LOL! Yah know, when I read this post originally, I thought of my Ella Moss top too. It's called Mosaic. It's white background and has green, blue, black in it. Maybe we have the same top. :smile:
  10. Obviously you could do the usual - black, white, jeans combo.

    I think the whole neon colored look would be fab as well. Bright red or bright yellow. Try not only colors that matched (blue as previously mentioned...) but also complete opposites of the spectrum!
  11. one of you guys should model it or put a pic up.. i'm v. curious now ;)
  12. ^^Here yah go....
    Click on the picture and go to the right bottom corner. An enlargement icon will appear and click on it to make the picture a little more bigger.....