Need input to decide on an original TMA

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  1. Ladies,

    I need your help - once again.

    I am now toying with the idea of an original TMA.

    The purple matte sounds tempting, but i am quite certain that i "cant do" purple bags (so far).

    I asked Jackie whether it would look good in any of the luxe pebbled leathers and she said they would suit this style very well.

    I will be receiving some swatches of the following leathers to ease my decision-making process...

    Taupe matte
    Purple matte (dont ask why)
    Purple pebbled
    Petrol matte
    Petrol glossy
    Petrol pebbled

    At the moment i am leaning towards something in petrol (like matte or pebbled) or navy. I have a gorgeous Belstaff winter jacket that needs a matchy-matchy bag...

    I would definitely go for silver hardware.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on suitable linings for petrol/navy leathers (not blue, it'd be too bluish for me).
  2. I think the red lining would be awesome with the taupe matte and petrol matte leathers! I haven't seen the other petrol leathers so can't say how red might look though. The silvery grey might be nice with the petrol glossy or petrol pebbled. Fuchsia IMHO looks good with just about anything! LOL!
  3. I recently received my petrol sheen TMA original, and it looks fantastic!

    My bag has fuchsia lining and silver HW. I requested metal zipper pulls, instead of tassels, for the three main zipper compartments. I was concerned that I would get the tassels tangled as I zipped/unzipped and got things in and out. I left the long tassels for the front and the back (which I didn't know it had!) zipper pockets. I also added the decorative corners to the front of the bag, which help me tell the front side from the back side right away. I haven't worn it yet but plan to this weekend!

    Here is a pic:
  4. Your bag is such a beautiful creation! This style really showcases petrol leather.

    Thanks for the info, tenKrat. I hadnt thought about the tassels in the main compartment.

    I was also thinking about how to get right the two sides of the bag and your idea may come in very useful...

    It this the regular or the large? I believe there are two sizes of this bag (which is now the backdrop in my computer screen)
  5. My bag is the regular size.
  6. Thanks, tenKrat... Your bag is perfectioN!
  7. Reposting pic:

  8. #8 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
    Thanks, Maria! I agree that silver HW is the way to go! Your other leather choices would make a lovely bag, too. Good luck with your tough decision! :smile:

    I will post some modeling pics in a new thread later on today, I hope, so that you can see what the regular size looks like when it's worn.
  9. The toughest bit is sourcing the money to fund this... I am running out of bags to sell!
  10. I think the Petrol looks fab with the fuchsia lining! Good luck on your choice .. I personally really love the Petrol Matte leather. :smile:
  11. Tenkrat, your TMA looks lovely!

    Maria, my pick for petrol would be fuchsia as well. I don't have anything with red lining, but I do have silver grey, dark grey and navy and while they would all look ok, it's fuchsia that really pops.
  12. Maria, have you considered Navy sheen???? It's gorgeous......stunning and would look beautiful w/ silver hw and fuschia lining.

    I have the TMA original in COBALT and it's gorgeous.
  13. For lining, I say fuchsia (first choice -- and definitely more eye-catching) or silvery gray (more conservative/classic). As for leather, either navy sheen or petrol matte...with petrol matte slightly ahead.

    I love this style!! I think it may be my next bespoke!!
  14. thanks, girls, your input has been great... i swear i dream about this bag last night...
    i am considering fucsia, of course...
    how about PURPLE for the lining?
  15. The purple is GORGEOUS, even lovelier in person than in pix...and it's my favorite BE lining, truth be told, though the fuchsia is a close second. It would look fantastic with the petrol or the taupe!! :love: