Need input on options for my Cornflower....

  1. Ok, so I have a city and while I LOVE the leather and color of the bag I REALLY don't like to carry the size.
    So do I keep the city size and eventually try to trade with someone for a first?
    Or do I sell the city size and buy a first?
    I was open for trades when there was a marketplace, but nothing fit, so it might be easier to sell?
    I really thought I'd love the city size, but I LOVE the first.

    Also? Might it be smarter to hold onto and sell next Spring?
  2. I would say sell the city and buy the first- but only because the season is almost over and I don't know how available cornflower bags are right now. But if you love the leather.. it might be hard to find one with great leather right now. Are you interested in any of the colors from the upcoming season? Maybe get a first in those and just use the city?

    haha I don't think I'm helping much..
  3. I think the cornflower is going to be one of the classic and sought after colors. If you can, I'd keep it.
  4. Maybe I'll just get a first and store this one?
  5. ^^^ I would. I just got a cornflower twiggy and the color is absolutely TDF:heart: . You should keep it. I think this will be a "hot" color later on.
  6. the cornflower city is gorgeous..keep it!!!! :graucho: :heart:

    then get an ink classique:shame:
  7. winona, i think the cornflower city is still available right now. i'd keep it and sell/ trade later.
  8. PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  9. Yeah, keep the cornflower city and get a first!!
  10. Here is a pic of my cornflower Twiggy and Ink Twiggy:love: There is nothing like real life because the photos do my girls justice :yes:
  11. I also think that the cornflower will be a desirable color after there gone!
  12. well, i am probably too impulsive. but IMHO, life is too short to keep a bag around that you aren't loving or using. i say sell it, and use the funds to buy a first, which you can probably easily find right now. maybe you could make more later, or maybe you could make less, it's too much trouble to try to predict that. for me, anyway, that's what i'd do!
  13. hey!
    i reckon you should try and find a FIRST in the cornflower! or maybe even a cornflower twiggy! i totally love my cornflower twiggy! if you REALLY dont love the CITY size i think you should find the size your LOVE!
  14. I have it vice versa because I couldn't get a cornflower city I bought a first. I do like it but I love my ink city better because of the size. But I do love the colour and I actually just have big bags and this is the only smaller bag I've got for going out. If you don't like it at all I would sell it and buy a first. There are still plenty around on ebay. I hope you'll find what you want!