Need input- Decollete or Declic comfort

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  1. I am trying to figure out what will be my next black CL.

    I was able to try on a pair of patent decollete's yesterday. They are a half size small, but I could tell I loved how they looked, but they would not be a comfy walking shoe.They would be fine at work when I am in the office.

    I like how the declic looks (though I don't know if it is available in patent yet). Unfortunately, every time I have seen a declic in a store, it has not been my size so I don't know how they feel.

    So ladies who either have both the decollete and the declic or have tried both of them, which is more comfortable?
  2. I have both. The Decollette is very comfortable for me. I wear them all the time. I did have to put heel cushions in them to prevent slippage though. I've tried the Declic 100s and have the 130s. They are also very comfortable. My 130s are pretty high though. The 100s would definitely be much better for walking around.

    It's a tough call. Perhaps the platform of the Declics make them better for comfort.

  3. I think it depends on which declic you are thinking about, 100mm or 130mm. The 100mm declic is very comfy and I mainly use these as a work shoe whereas the decollete and the 130mm declic are for 'sit and look pretty' events.
    I honestly think the decolletes are pure torture during the first 5 wears, after that, they break in nicely and get more comfy.

    I think the decollete is more of a classic style if that matters to you.
  4. I haven't tried the Declic but I own two pairs of Decolletes and they are pretty comfy for me. I'm thinking about getting a third pair one day in carmel! I would love to get the 130mm Declic if I can find them and I think they look better than the 100mm but doesn't look all too walkable.
  5. I thought the declics would be hands down the more comfortable shoe because of the platform and more generous cut, but my decollettes have been easier to wear. I swear up and down that I lucked out because they were the display size and probably broken in by the time I got them. Personally if you are looking for a classic, I would go with the Decollette.
  6. javaboo- The 130 was not too bad to walk in... but then again I was just prancing around the shoe salon, which probably doesn't count for much, until you get out into "real world" walking--slopes, steps, surfaces, etc.
  7. decollete was pure torture >< which is why I've only worn them once.........

    I'm getting my declics soon so I'll comment after that butyea Declics definately look more comfortable becuase of the platform.
  8. Dont give up!!! They become comfy!!! They are a beyond hot shoe!
    I died with mine, but once I broke them in I cant get enough!
    I Suggest the Decollete, but then again, I dont have the Delics, so I cant say. I do think the Decollete looks nicer & sexier.:yes:
  9. The Decollete is really the perfect pump. Style-wise, they are the way to for sure.
  10. Decollete are definitely sexy, but when i tried them on I CANNOT walk properly b/c they were so high.
  11. Decollete! Despite looking uncomfortable and hard to walk in, I found the opposite to be true. They are really comfy and are my new fav shoe...just picked up camel, purchased black last week.
  12. i would rec the decollete. can you get it in a larger size? trust me i thought i'd toughen it out for a pair of CLs that i loved but were only available in a 1/2 size smaller and i ended up getting blisters. not fun!
  13. I just got my declics tonight :smile:

    I think they are half sie too big but fixable with some insoles and heel grips :smile:

    My feet are tiny so I'm used to it! I must say hands down declics are more comfortable! (especially being the half size larger) The leather is much softer then my black Jzz decolettes and the overall shoe is wider (I have wide ish feet).

    sO i think for people with narrow feet decolletes MAY be more comfortable but for people with wider feet Declics all the way!

    I also like the slightly chunky look of the Declic especially because my feet are tiny and I dont like looking like I walk on stilts!

    Just FYI I have the 35 in decolletes (fit lengthwise but my toebox is cramped because of the narrow fit) and 35 in Declics (slightly longer then the 35 Decolletes and more forgiving width wise).

    Hope that helps :smile:
  14. Be careful wearing the larger size. Are the patent or leather? I find that leather stretches over time.
  15. Agreed! Although I wear my white ones that I went an entire size up for way more than the blacks that were only a half size up. I have the zeppas and still want to add the 868 to my collection somehow, someway.