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  1. I noticed some listings people take really good close up pics of handbags. What kind of camera is needed in order to take good pictures. I don't think my camera can take pictures like THat (i've tried) I wanted to post pics on the authenticate this for a Bal bag I purchased from eBay (the seller is known to sell authentic handbags but I want to be 100% sure, this is my 1st bal bag purchase) so i really don not know much about the bag. The closes Balenciaga boutique is about an an hour and a half a way (beverly hills) I really do not want to drive over there. So I just wanted to know what kind of camera is used or how do you set up your camera to take close up pics. Thanks
  2. If you want to take a close-up picture of a tag, use the MACRO setting (flower icon). If it's not as clear as you want, play with the flash. I usually take it in BRIGHT light, with NO flash, and MACRO setting.

  3. ^^ditto
  4. thanks will do
  5. Yep great comment there, not using the flash is very important. You need plenty of natural light, try taking in the garden if you don't have much light in your home and always avoid the flash as much as possible as it doesn't give true ideas of colour and texture
  6. It is amazing how different the colour of the bag will look depending on the light. Direct sunshine can distort the colour as well. I play around in different locations until I get the most accurate photo.
  7. With my point and shoot, just like the other girls suggested, natural light and no flash is the only way to take close ups without it being blurry. However I use a DSLR camera with a macro lens.
  8. luckily, my casio exlim ex-z70 even have the option for eBay,lol
  9. Tripod or stabilizing method helps too.
  10. natural light and using the macro function..:tup:
  11. Try not to compress on the camera either
  12. really?? :wtf:
  13. thanks all this info really made a difference in my pics. I didn't realize my camera could take pics like that.