Need information on this item...

  1. This is sophia618's pic...I was wondering if you guys could give me more info about that monogram keychain! :love: It's probably...LE or discontinued since I've never seen it in the stores...but I'd love more info on when it was released/when it was discontinued/price/NAME (so I can look on eBay) etc! Thanks!

  2. If you are referring to the piece in the top left corner, it looks like a luggage tag to me, not a keychain.
  3. Um,'s the one in the bottom centre...
  4. Ok it's from the Louis Vuitton Cup Collection, you will not able to find these at the store because they were VIP. I'm 100% sure but I really think they were VIP necklace.
  5. i believe that is the fleur keychain. one sold on ebay for about $79.00 awhile back.
  6. Was it a piece that was for sale or was it a VIP gift? It looks more like a gift than a sale item.
  7. If you're talking about this brown Flower Monogram Key Chain, it's actually a GIFT that SAs sometimes give to customers when they make ?large purchases? I don't know...I never did understand this gift business...sometimes you get one, sometimes you don't...I guess it all depends on YOUR SA and how nice they are...Also, sometimes ASKING for a little gift doesn't hurt:graucho:

    LVixen 115.jpg Mini012.jpg
  8. I think it was a vip item from the Louis vuitton cup, I think the name is KIWI.
  9. Are you talking about that brown necklace with the silver kiwi bird on it? The poster was asking about the brown quatrefoile keychain...which I believe was a VIP gift, not an item that was released for sale. This post is getting confusing :lol:
  10. i think you are referring to the leather rope necklace. the keychain karman is inquiring about is the brown keychain

  11. Oops sorry, the keychain was a vip item but I think it 's no longer produced.
  12. Thanks for the info guys!

    So it's just called..."Louis Vuitton keychain" then?

    I should bid on the auction that I saw last time!! I wanted to buy it but I wasn't sure if it was real...ughhh...I guess i"ll have to start searching like crazy!