Need information on Hermes bags


Le temps devant soi
Dec 17, 2006
Hi ladies,
Good day!

Just wonder if any1 will be able to assist me :love:

  1. There is a bag like a beach tote bag but not round version, always come in stripes. Whats the name for that bag? Whats the range of sizes and prices? Are they standard collection?
  2. With "Garden Party", whats available out there? Does the colour seasonal or standard? Whats the size and price range?

Thank You in advance for any help. Any pictures are most welcome. I would like get myself a Hermes bag this year and wondering which of above should I get. Thank You again. :yahoo:


Sep 1, 2006
fannatics, you're correct...there is a striped beach tote bag and the place I've seen it is on the Hermes online site. Have you looked there? I think there's a rouge and an orange and it seems, one or two other colors.

As for the Garden party bags there are the leather ones and the combos of leather and cloth versions. I'm not very familiar with the GP and am hoping someone who is can come to the rescue:smile:

I know there are several members here with beautiful GPs in various sizes and leathers. It's both a functional and a really good looking style.


Mar 6, 2006
I know there are few threads with GP info. It comes in a range of sizes from very tiny to large. The colors I've seen are black, natural (with black or brown leather), orange, green, red. It also comes in a leather version. I think they start at around $1500 for canvas and $2000 for leather. :flowers: