Need info Tiffany Heart & Arrow Bracelet

  1. Hi ladies.
    Does anyone know anything about a Tiffany Heart and Arrow Toggle bracelet Circa 1994? If you do please list any info you can...just as retail price, markings, when it was available...what line? Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance
  2. No one? Has anyone ever seen one??
  3. yes i have it!! do you want to see some pics?? i don't know about the price, it was given to me as a gift...i don't know much about that line because i wasn't really into Tiffany back then.
  4. i think i got this around 98 or 99...pretty old and scratched up...i attached some pics.
    bracelet.jpg toggled.jpg toggledback.jpg braceleton2.jpg
  5. oooooh i really like that cute and pretty :love:
  6. Ohhh that's adorable!!! It's not still available is it?

    Nice taste Selena! And thanks for the pics blackbutterfly!
  7. Ohh thanks for the pictures! Believe it or not I just picked this up at a yard sale today for .50cents!! LOL
    I love it, it is soooo cute!!!!

    I guess that was a good score! LOL
    Thanks again for the pictures!!

    That has got to be the best deal of all times!! CONGRATS!
  9. Thanks!!!
    I was crapping myself. I was looking thru this bin of old crappy costume jewelry and I saw this bracelet and I thought it felt like silver and I turned it over and it had the Tiffany markings:nuts: ...I calmly walked over to the lady and said how much is the jewelry in the bin. She goes, oh 50cents its all crap! LOL I was shaking..I pulled out my two quarters and went over to look thru it again. I then found this beautiful silver necklace with a large Opal. 50cents! But that was all she had the rest was crap! LOL Anyway I gave the necklace to my mom and she loved it!
    I love yard sales. I swear to god!
  10. Great deal you got and you're so welcome for the pics, glad that I could help!!
  11. Treasures can be found!
  12. wow! Awesome deal
  13. OMG Selena that's insane! Now I'm definitely going to go look up some yard sales when I go home for the summer... :lol:
  14. Great snatch! I really like that bracelet!
  15. Wow congrats on the great deal! It's so cute!