Need Info. regarding Spy Leather Please

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  1. Hi to everyone on this freezing cold November morning in England.

    I am after information regarding the Spy leather, I know spys come in Lambs leather and the very soft smushy bubbly calf leather. The early spys was done in calf leather but does anyone own a Cognac, Choco or Black in the calf leather or are they all in Lamb leather. (lambs leather a lot harder and stiffer)

    I seem to remember a few months ago a listing on ebay where the seller said her Cognac spy was made on the old smushy calf leather and the sales assistant told her they do not make them in that leather any more.

    Any information greatfully received. The sellers on ebay very rarely say what type of leather their bag is in and I prefer the smushy leather.:confused1:
  2. No, all the regular leather spies have always been made in lamb leather. The only exception would be the zucca spy (of course), and the "acacia" leather spies.

    To go in further detail, the "acacia" leather was found in the S/S 05 spies that are white "lizardskin" (in actuality, calfskin embossed and glazed to look like lizard skin) with red/green/or black handles, and the F/W 05 spies that are taupe "lizardskin" with blue/or purple handles.

    I don't know how many times I've either come across: 1) an SA that knew absolutely nothing, but made stuff up anyway to sound like s/he knew something, or 2) a seller on ebay who is lying/confused/or lied to by an SA.
  3. P.S. In my experience, lambskin is much softer and more luxurious than calfskin.
  4. Thank you Greendrv. must have got my lambskin and calfskin round the wrong way. All information is knowledge. What I cannot understand is why the new spy's in Cognac, Coco and Black feel different to a brand new Petrol or Cherry or green if they are the same skin used. Older colours seem very soft to the touch but the new colours do not.
  5. The new season spies have leather that's been treated differently. After Fendi received many complaints (and returns) about Cognac (and Chocolate) spies dye wearing off with normal wear and tear, the future batches of leather (starting in S/S 06) were treated with a coating to make it more resistant. The leather was also embossed more to create the bubbly texture that all the ladies were demanding (early batches of the leather had less texture, and less even texture). The result is that the leather is shinier, more textured, and feels tougher. With a lot of use, the coating with break down, and the leather with feel like the older season's leather.
  6. Greenie, you're such a breath of fresh air!
  7. Completely agree with greendrv :yes:
  8. ^olg, Saich and I DROOOOOOOOL over your green spys :drool:
  9. Aww, shucks, Deco. :shame:
    I've been lovin' catchin' up on your posts - lately I've been swamped with contractor work, so I haven't been as active as I'd like to be on tpf.
  10. Awww...thanks ladies :shame:
    I love my greens and sequin spies the MOST that I barely touch them, just knowing they're still exist in my closet makes me happy :true: :greengrin:
    Good luck and be patient, I'm sure you'll find a green spy soon :graucho:
  11. Thanks so much for the info. I completely understand now just could not understand why the spys were so different in 06. Greenve I only hope to have your knowledge one day. Olg, like Deco said your bags are amazing I saw them in the showcase. One of your green spys is to die for. Thanks everyone again.
  12. I agree with Greedrv. All leather spies are made of lamskin. I believe calfskin would be too tough.
  13. So the classic spy satchel picture in Neiman's and Bergdorf's, listed as calfskin--that is really lambskin?