Need info on this Whiting & Davis mesh bag

  1. Can anyone give me any info on this Whiting & Davis mesh handbag? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    full front.jpg frame.jpg fringe.jpg logo.jpg
  2. Mesh bags like yours from the art deco period are highly collectible. I suggest you go the the eBay completed auctions section to see how much others like yours are selling for.
  3. Are you selling or looking to buy? That one looks like an older style. Try eBay or carries that brand.
  4. I sold a Whiting & Davis Chain Mesh bag similar to yours a couple years ago on Ebay. It was from my Mother in Laws estate and dated in the 20's. Alot of my enamel was gone and a few chains of mesh were gone and it still fetched around 150.