Need info on Red leather Gianni Versace Briefcase

  1. Hi, I was given a red Gianni Versace briefcase a couple of years ago, and have been trying to find information about it. I tried to post pictures of it for you to see but can not download due to size it says, if anyone would like to see them I would gladly email them to you.
    The briefcase has a combination lock, the gold lion heads on each side of the handle, inside it has four seperate document compartments plus a zippered pocket. The lining is a light brown with a red design, it also came with a cloth for cleaning the gold in a Gianni Versace parchment type envelope.
    The person who gave it to me was the wealthy employer of a friend of mine, and has since passed away so I can not find out any more details. I was told it was a limited edition. It was only used once by the person who gave it to me, and I haven't used it at all. If anyone knows any info on this briefcase I would greatly appreciate it, I am wondering the value as I am looking to sell it.