Need Info on New Thompson Line Due in November

  1. If any SAs knows about the Thompson Top Handle #11373 I would appreciate some help.

    I just saw the bag in the look book and it is TDF! I called Coach website and was told it would be made in Ink, Parchment and Toffee.

    The SA at the Coach Outlet I just came from called for info on the bag and was told it would be available in many more colors like Tool, Doe, Ivory, Citron, some kind of blue and some shade of rose.

    Coach website customer service could not confirm the colors to me for fear of counterfiting. They said as far as the website goes...the only colors for now are Ink, Parchment and Toffee and that the other colors may be for spring of next year or for specific department stores.

    Any light any of the nice SAs on this forum could shed on the color options would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Anyone have info on this bag?
  3. Maybe Sprinkles will know-- I haven't seen much on the Thompson line, and at the store level we generally don't get color specifics until right before the line hits the store. In the videos I've seen, they have been pushing Bleecker, not Thompson.... but again Sprinkles or Allison or Ms-Whitney might have seen something I didn't.

    Sorry I can't help you!
  4. I don't have any information for you but I saw it tonight in the look book as well and you are right, it's gorgeous and TDF! I hope someone comes along with the information you need!
  5. I was looking at them not to long ago for a customer and from what I remember those are just the three to be produced. I can check tomorrow at work if I have a moment to confirm this!
  6. Thanks sprinkles...I would really appreciate it if you could. They said the measurements were 14x11x5, is that true? Also, in your opinion...could you describe the color of Toffee? What shade of brown would you say that most closely resembles?

    Thanks again for your help!
  7. Toffee is the same colour of brown as the Chelsea bags in toffee, you can see those on the website :smile: It's lovely.
  8. I've only seen whats in the look book. I don't know anything else.
  9. Thompson will only be available in 22 stores. Order now so that you don't lose out. The style that was listed originally is only available in the three colors....better hurry!
  10. Does anyone have a picture or drawing of this bag? I'd love to see what the fuss is about!! ;)
  11. I wish I had a picture. If anyone has one...please post it so I have a reminder. I only saw it in the book Sunday and I can't stop thinking about it. If I had a would be on my fridge where I can see it daily. The price is $898...more than I ever dreamed I would spend but I do have a 25% discount waiting for me at and I'm going to take advantage of that for this bag.
  12. this line sounds really luxurious...I'd love to see pics too if anyone has any to share!
  13. There was one picture in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar. These are the best pics I could get, I love the Coach medallion!

  14. OMG :drool::heart::drool::heart:
  15. Oh my...a legacy store on Bleecker St...I'm seeing a trip to NYC in my near future...:yes: