Need info on LV Wallets

  1. Hi,

    I really would like to get a LV wallet. I know nothing about them and do not live in an area where I can go see one. :sad2:

    I don't have to have the most recent one and would like the classic monogram. I would be happy to find one on eBay but think it would probably be too hard to tell if it is authentic although I have been bookmarking every seller someone on the forum has been saying sells authentic stuff. I would even go for pre-owned. How much can I expect to pay for a new one? What style is nice?
  2. I recommend checking out where you can purchase authentic LV goods.
  3. What size do you want? I love my classic monogram ludlow wallet ;)
  4. if you find any on eBay, post them on here and get opinions of there authenticity.

    how much are you looking to spend? what size do you want? from what line?
  5. I have the french purse and it is very practical. I love it.