need info on how to sell bag

  1. not sure where to post this, but I usually sell my LV bags on eBay, but wondered if there is a place where you can sell a bag here?? thanks much
  2. You CANNOT buy or sell on TPF! Stick to eBay!
  3. Selling on eBay is a pain! I always have to take about 20 photos before I get one I can use, and then you have to write the info, and get the whole thing listed, and find a box and packing to suit the item so you can find out the weight so you can give shipping quotes to people from all over the world ... believe it or not I actually just sold a gold leather tote to a guy called Igor from Ukraine.

    Sorry, didn't have anything useful to add ... guess I just felt like saying something because I can really understand anyone wanting to find another way than selling on eBay.
  4. thanks so much...ebay can be a pain, but the main reason is..I want to sell a bag my husband bought me, but dont want him to know and we have the same ebay account.:smile:
  5. what are you going to say when he asks you why you never use it? teheheh...
  6. Just wondering what kind of bag it is?
  7. How about Craigslist. I have sold a few bags there. No listing fees.