Need info on how Chanel boutique ships order

  1. Does anyone know how Chanel boutique ships any phone order? I mean which carrier they use and how long it takes. I'm in the US. I can't wait for the shop to open tomorrow to get the answers, so I'd better ask you guys here. Thank you in advance.
  2. Based on my experience. It's Fed Ex 2day and you have to sign for the package.
  3. Thank you so much, elongreach for super quick response. I'm impressed :smile:
  4. Me too. Fedex 2nd day, signature required.
  5. Yup, FedEx for me too
  6. Fedex and you def. have to sign. If they are shipping within your state you usually will get it the next day!
  7. If no one is home you can have them deliver it to the store and they will call when it arrives.
  8. Thank you again everyone. You're the best. I'm gonna place an order for a classic flap in caviar. Actually, I love it in lambskin, but decided not to go for it because my lambskin wallet is easy to get scratch.
  9. Fedex, uber fast here in TX, but not sure about ur state? Good lucky and what color&hard ware combo did you get? Can't wait to see the pix :smile: