need info on hayden harnett luggage color

  1. I'm looking for a new tan/camel colored bag in a very buttery, supple leather and the HH luggage color keeps popping up. I really like the shape and style of the Havana Hobo and was considering buying it in the luggage color. My only concern is about the maintenance of it...I've read on a few threads that the color is delicate and shows wear pretty easily. Is it just because its a lighter color? Is that something that I would just expect from any light colored bag or is the HH luggage color much more delicate and prone to staining/water spots? I plan to get a leather treatment to help protect it but know that there will be times when I might get caught in the rain or dirt or a stain may be attracted to it.
    Also, how exactly would you describe the color irl? It always looks so different on my monitor...I also considered the saddle but am not sure if that would be any easier to maintain. Plus, I'd like to find one that's on sale if possible since I've been spending a small fortune on bags lately. :smile:
    Its between this one and the Cole Haan Kaylie hobo. I adore the leather on that one but love the style of the HH so much more...When it comes down to it though, I'm going to have to choose the more practical one that is easier to maintain and will stay nice longer since I'm not the most gentle with my everyday handbags...Okay, help! :confused1: