Need info on clutch

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  1. I was checking out the website and the new accessories collection. I love the clutch in one of the pictures but there is no info on the name of the clutch or price. It's in the last photo for the daytime look, the model with the striped shirt is holding it.

    Now that I look at it again, is it the insolite organizer? I love the look of this wallet!! Does anyone have it? I have a zippy but love the look of this.

    Thanks for any info!
  2. Yes it's the insolite organizer and I think it sells for 620.00, but it has been sold out on the LV website for a while.
  3. llmar - Thank you for that. I am going to NYC next month and may try to get it there. Will have to sell my zippy but I do love the look of this. Thanks again!!!!

    Anyone have any reviews of this? tried the clubhouse but couldn't find anything.
  4. ^I think the Insolite Organizer is gorgeous but may get bulky and heavy. I have the Insolite wallet which is smaller than the organizer and I find it bulky sometimes.
  5. I've been craving an Insolite Organizer but it's presently sold out... :drool: